Technically, winter has ended from the meteorological perspective. And while fashion houses and department stores have fully embraced spring fashions, including those gorgeous brightly colored chunky platform sandals, here in New England, we’re still marching through the mucky trenches in our boots.

The fact is, if you’re a New Englander then you might actually end up wearing boots for 3/4 of the year. And to be honest, we don’t mind one bit. In fact, we adore our boots so much that occasionally we pay a pretty penny for a designer pair. But, with so many great styles to love, owning too many investment pieces might actually hurt your real investments. So, we’ve compiled a quick list of knockoffs for your shopping enjoyment. You decide which pair are a “lust” and which are “musts!”

Thigh-High Louboutins

It may be totally ridiculous and illogical, but wearing a pair of shoes with the signature red sole definitely makes your strut a little more Haute! But, is that strut worth roughly $2K more than the knockoff version? Um, not if they’re thigh-high leather boots that might get you kicked off the soccer field anyhow. We found a comparable pair for a sliver of the Louboutins.

Neutral Aquazzura Boots

Based in Florence and created by Colombian designer Edgardo Osorio, Aquazzura has stomped up the fashion ladder over the past decade, becoming one of the most coveted footwear brands. Unfortunately, with that rising popularity also came a rise in price. So, while we love the streamlined creamy tone of the August boot, you can find a similar pair at good ol’ Zara. Now, the stitching is a wee bit different, and one could argue these Aquazzura boots are a modern staple. So, if you were going to splurge, this might be the pair.

Two-Toned Gucci “Riding” Boots

Who doesn’t want a pair of Gucci boots? Honestly, we’d take them in any color, shape, and/or size (preferably a 6 1/2 and a size 8.) Why ga-ga for Gucci? Well, it has nothing to do with Lady Gaga in the House of Gucci and everything to do with the quality and comfort. These babies were built to last. But, ugh, for almost $2K, they should last -right? So, as much as it pains us to say this, Steve Madden does a great job of making a pair we minions can afford. Thanks, Steve!

Black Puffer Boots

Puffy nylon isn’t just relegated to jackets in New England. Boots are getting in on the action too! From silver Prada puffers to these black Gia X Pernille shorties, puffer footwear is a great way to keep your tootsies warm until it’s time to pull out the flip-flops. If you would rather save your cash for summer pedicures, then check out the puffer boots from H&M. At 35 bucks, you and your tootsies will make out like a bandit!

Jimmy Choo Sherling Work Boots

Oh, Jimmy Choo! We simply adore you. (You too, Jimmy Garappolo.) 😉 We’ve been loyal to the brand for decades, mainly because when we slip on a pair, we never have to trade comfort for style. Oh, and Jimmy’s wedges are THE BEST! They are investment pieces that stand the test of time. But, we think the wiser investment would be to spend the big bucks on a true classic, like a black pump or neutral wedge. So, as much as we love you, Jimmy, Nine West wins in this contest.

Valentino Roman Stud Ankle Boots

Oh, Valentino, we’ve been rocking along with your studs for a while now. But, we are so very, very sorry. We actually like the knockoff better in this ankle boot situation. The sole is a little chunkier and the heel is just a smidge higher. Plus, we could buy like $29 pairs for the same cost. Sorry.

Versace Platform Knee-High Boots

Versace is back! Not that the brand ever went away, but with 90’s style throwbacks making the way down every major runway, Versace has a chance to get its foot back on the stage. And honestly, we couldn’t be more pleased. The atmosphere topping platforms set our hearts aflutter. And, it’s not because we have a fear of heights. These black platform boots push the limits, and we love them for it! Apparently, Steve Madden does too, and he wants most of America to get on board. Because his version is at a much more affordable price and also totally nail the look.

Louboutin Suede Platform Ankle Boots

Here we are oogling Louboutin boots again. This time, it’s a pair of camel-colored ankle platforms. They are tots adorbs and would go with anything! They are also tots expensive. 🙁 Not to worry. Just use Google lens, and you’ll find a similar pair for a fraction of the price, like these Premiatas.

Gianvito Rossi Lace-Up Leather Boots

We can imagine these GV lace-up boots in a million and one different situations – with leggings, a hoodie, and a leather jacket. Or maybe a classic look of fitted khakis and a tailored blazer. The options are endless! As shocking as is the number of options is the perfect pair offered by Vince Camuto for a smidge of the price. You decide – lust or must?!