This week we are kicking a total bargain to you from Post Road Liquors latest recommendation – a bottle of 2016 Kung Fu Girl Riesling. We have so much to say about this wine, and yes, please a few of puns.

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2016 Kung Fu Girl Riesling

COST – $12.99

GRAPE – Riesling

COUNTRY – Washington State

REGION – Columbia Valley

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – Great pairing with spicy food. A mineral-driven dry Riesling we love. Some think the label is frightening. It does remind me of “The Ring.”

TASTING NOTES – On tongue apple, pear, peach, apricot, and honey; on nose petrol, flint, rose petal, violet, orange peel, apple, pear and peach


I know, it’s sort of a scary photo. But, after reading Post Road’s comments about the label reminding them of the horror movie, “The Ring,” I restrained myself not to do any weird black and white, contortionist crawling photos with my hair all in my face. (Actually, if I were still that flexible, I might have given it a shot.) Anyhow, this is my unflattering photo without a chin and frizzy hair to boot, to coincide with the horror-themed label.

In actuality, the point I want to make is what a kick-ass wine the Kung Fu Girl Riesling is. You’ll be taking your friends to the dojo and having them bow with this bottle of wine; i.e., schooling them in dry Riesling wines.

I like to be honest, so when I saw Riesling on the recommended list, my skin got goosebumps, and I did get a little scared. The word Riesling immediately primes my taste buds for some sickeningly sweet liquid that I’m tempted to pour over a flan.

Shame on you tastebuds! Because you’ve enjoyed both sweet and dry quality Rieslings. Shame. On. You.

The problem is sometimes with something as infrequently enjoyed as a Riesling wine, all the good brain impressions are overlapped and forgotten by the bad impressions, which end up making the most significant imprint. Here’s what I love about these Wine Wednesday posts, they teach me so much and set my brain straight.

Part of what makes a Riesling dry or sweet has to do with the region in which those grapes are grown. In the United States, typically, Californian Rieslings are sweet and those from the more northern climate of Washington State, like this Charles Smith’s Kung Fu Girl Riesling, are drier. This wine made a very good impression.

So, what to eat with this drier Riesling? We trust Post Road Liquors advice. We went spicy and made a tasty grilled chicken dish. If you want to kick your grill and wine game into high gear, you should try this one-two-combo.

As for the wine, there was a lovely refreshing dry fruit flavor that cut right through the serrano peppers in the dish. At $13.00, you can’t go wrong with this wine- spicy dish or not. Go, buy a case, get 20% off, and then kick it with your friends. Please, just don’t hurt each other.


Thank you to Post Road Liquors, 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for recommending this dangerously good Kung Fu Girl Riesling Wine, as well as for their expertise!

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