Katherine Jetter, is extending her couture jewelry line and luxury bauble bar, The Vault, to Boston. As part of The Mazer Group’s Luxury Listing Newsletter, we checked in with the gemologist/designer and here’s what she had to say.

1. What was the first piece you sold, and how have your designs changed since then?

Katherine Jetter's Poison Berry Ring

Katherine Jetter: My very first opal flower ring, “Poison Berry,” earned me the nomination for “Best New Designer to Couture” at the 2008 Couture Trade Show’s Jewelry Design Awards. This category is for designers debuting at the show. A friend purchased it for $14,000. It was my very first sale and a dollar amount so high for me at the time that it took me a month to come down from the excitement of it all!

2. What inspires your creativity when designing jewelry?

Katherine Jetter: I am always absorbing creative information from my surroundings and designing in my head, and then one day, it forms into a concept. But If I had to choose a single thing, I would say the gemstones themselves speak to me the most. They tell me what they need when I’m designing.

Katherine at work designing her beautiful baubles.
Katherine Jetter outside of her luxury jewelry store in Nantucket, ACK.

3. Your store, The Vault, is on Nantucket. When you’re on ACK, what is your favorite dish to eat at, and at what a restaurant?

Katherine Jetter: That’s such a hard question! I would say it’s a tie between the crab fried rice at Nautilus and the 30-second Asian beef with sticky rice from The Pearl.

4. When someone is looking to invest, what type of piece do you recommend and why? 

Rings from Katherine Jetter's couture jewelry line.

Katherine Jetter: “Invest” is a tricky word that is often misused in Jewelry sales. I always tell my clients to go with the “Love Factor.” We don’t NEED jewelry; its purpose is to share joy. Buy something that makes you giggle, elicits excitement, and simply makes you happy. I want that to be my jewelry’s purpose.

5. You’ve already accomplished so much. What do you envision for the future of your brand? 

Katherine Jetter: Exciting news! I am bringing The Vault Nantucket to Boston this fall, starting with Private Events and Private appointments in my Atelier in central Boston. We will host our first COVID-friendly private shopping events throughout December in both Boston and Nantucket. Please stay in touch on our Instagram for the details.

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