Summer beauty should be simple. Less is more in the warm weather, right? 😉 Besides that, the true beauty of the season is in the long golden days and those warm glorious nights. You know, those special evenings backed by the soundtrack of Mother Nature’s most beloved symphony; the sound of summer breezes rustling soft leaves with very talented crickets and peepers providing the chorus. Honestly, one of nature’s true beauties!

So, when the countdown ends and summer finally begins on June 21st, we want you to be ready to enjoy all of the splendor of the season without losing any time fussing with your own beauty regimen.

This June we’re sharing our favorite beauty products that will save you time, and still help you shine against the backdrop of a lovely garden party or the setting sun.

10. Bag those Dark Circles

Who wants to deal with under eye concealer in the summer (or ever)? But, allergies, aging, and caffeine can all contribute to those dark circles under our eyes, which then mandates dabbing thick paste to hide the discoloration. So, why not try to avoid them all together? Dark circles can be the result of poor blood flow, causing blood to pool, and then casting that purple shadow through the skin. Some research has found that creams with Vitamin K may actually help to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and increase cell proliferation. Hey, we all need eye cream, so why not pick one that might actually do something and eliminates the need for under eye concealer?    

Vitamin K

Vitamin K Cream (5%) by Advanced resKue

TIP: Vitamin K is a potential solution only if the problem is due to poor circulation, and not a result of say shadows from puffiness.

9. Get that Summer Glow

The word glow is synonymous with summer beauty. We love applying Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil after a shower for smooth skin that gives a sensual shimmer. Available both in a splash and spray, this dry oil not only imparts moisture and shimmer, but a barely there scent that won’t make you a bug magnet. Unless, of course those bugs are attracted to sexy shimmering shoulders, because it’s totally “haute” on the shoulders and décolleté!


8. Eyelids Washed With Sheer Color

Bobbi Brown is one of our favorite cosmetic lines. Sorry, we can’t help but adore anything that shimmers and sparkles. And her products have the potential to make the fireflies jealous! There’s no need to weigh down eyes in the summer. A great product is Bobbi Brown’s long-wear cream eye shadow. Not only does it last from day to night, but the colors are sheer and effortless. We love the ones that have a hint of shimmer that will definitely catch the eyes of those around you, and maybe get you caught in a gaze, oh la la!

hqdefault Long Wear Cream Shadow

7. Easy Peasy Eyeliner

Animal instincts come alive in the heat, so why not own it? The cat eye is a sexy way to pay homage to the animal kingdom. But, creating the perfect cat eye requires a bit of artistic ability and a steady hand. We found a product that helps those of us who are not patient cheat and create the dramatic look in a jiff! Blinc Ultra thin liquid eyeliner will make you a “Cheata” for sure! (Get it? Cheating at an easy cat eye? Cheetah, as in a cat? Boston accent? Do we hear those summer crickets already? Don’t worry, we’re not headed for open-mic night anytime soon…)

The super fine tip makes application practically fool proof. Use it to line the entire top lid, staying close to the lashes or just wing the ends. No matter what, throw this on top of Bobbi Brown’s sheer shimmer and you’re in serious business for easy summer beauty!


6. The No-Lipstick Lipstick

Remember painting your lips with your cherry popsicle? Well, Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm gives that same sheer hint of color. Just a tint of pink or a hint of peach. Plus, with eight hours of moisture and protection, it will keep your lips soft all day (or night.) 😉

64443201-2e98-41c2-914f-9fa9761822dd_1.833e52667362df43d8f308f8991e12015. Chip Proof Your Nails

Fingernails take a beating in the summer. No matter if you’re working in the garden, searching for hermit crabs with the kiddos, or performing the high risk action of too many cheers motions with your bloody Mary during patio season your polish will chip. We’re not huge fans of the gel manicure, but we have found a product that can make your manicure or polish last longer. Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat truly lasts longer than any other top coat we found. And not having to retouch your nails DEFINITELY saves time. We even love it just on top of our bare nails.


4. Attain Brow Perfection

If we were trapped on a deserted island, or it was the summer and were challenged to choose only a handful of products, an eye brow pencil would be one of our top ten. 😉 We think the brows can make or break a look; they frame the face. That’s why we always have this Beauty Counter Eye Brow Pencil nearby. It’s easy to use and has a handy-dandy brush on the end to help shape the brow into that perfect frame. Oh, and did you know you can feel good about using the product? Beauty counter is founded on the belief of using products that we can feel good about applying. They actually have a banned list of ingredients that may be harmful or even cause cancer, and use only ingredients approved as being safe.


3. “Blinc” Away!

We love that waterproof mascara is smudge proof, a big bonus in the dripping heat of the summer months. But, removing it at the end of the day is a major pain to say the least. That’s why we were so thrilled when we discovered Blinc Mascara. (It’s the same brand as the fab eyeliner we mentioned earlier.) Rather than coating eye lashes, blinc “tubes” them. Say what? The mascara forms volume building and lengthening tubes AROUND your lashes, creating a water-resistant product that won’t run or smudge. The best part? The tubes gently wash away at the end of the day with a little bit of water and light pressure.


2. Find The Rosy Glow of Love

Flushed cheeks are youthful, natural, and sexy; perfect for summer skin. But, maintaining that flush can be a lot of work. 😉 We found yet another product to help you cheat, and don’t worry, we don’t have any ridiculous play on words in this item’s description. Benefit Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain helps you get and keep that fresh rosy cheek glow all day long. We love that it also doubles as a lip stain. Dab some on your lips for a sexy just been bitten look.

1. Smile!

Our number one product to simplify your beauty regimen is no secret, and actually, it’s not a product at all. We’re not trying to be all touchy-feely here. It’s just the truth; there’s nothing like a simple smile to bring out one’s inner beauty. And the great thing about an ear-to-ear grin is that they are contagious! As Mr. Armstrong said, “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you!” So, go out there, enjoy mother nature’s own summer beauty, and spread around some of your inner-beauty with that gorgeous smile! The world will thank you for it! 🙂


Jess & Kim