Happy birthday America! This year, our beautiful country is celebrating it’s 241 st birthday. And in honor of the old girl, we are bringing back our top ten list with our favorite 4th of July Party Essentials! Be sure to bring your A-game this year, we are!

10. Hurry Up and Get Glowing!

Sparklers are awesome and take us back to being kids. But, if you want an alternative that’s safer for the little ones and will also make them visible in the dark, opt for glow sticks and lots of them! Amazon has a plethora of options. But, you can also check out your local dollar store to get your glow on.

 9. Feather in Your Cap

Yankle Doodle all of the way baby! We love cute little head toppers. From star antenna headbands to sequin cowboy hats to mini Yankee Doodle caps, we love an excuse to be festive and a little silly. Check out Target or the local party store if you want to try on the different options. Or, just head to Amazon, use your prime shipping to guarantee delivery, and search the endless options!

8. Show Your Patriotism From Head to TOE

Here we are in the middle of sandal season; show off those tootsies with a patriotic pedicure! Don’t be afraid to go for toe bling or little flags. Have fun! After all, this is America’s birthday!

7. Pour Some Bubbles!

Freedom deserves a nice bubbly toast! By now, you probably know we’re obsessed with Syltbar premium prosecco. The fashionable bottle contains a magical elixir that is only 49 calories a glass! Hello! With all of the hot dogs, buttered lobster, and strawberry shortcake we plan to consume, we love knowing we’re saving calories. Plus, the low-sugar sparkling wine reduces the risk of a hangover!

Photo credit to KennethLesley.com

6. Patriotic Arm Candy

Accessories to the max! We love local artists and designers, and April Soderstrom is one of our favs! This hot jewelry designer is now making it on the national stage! It’s no wonder people across the country are having “arm parties” with April’s cool line of bracelets. This 4th, treat yourself to one of her “Patriotic” arm parties! There’s even an option for the guys!

5. Denim and Plaid

The evenings can get a little chilly. So, you might want long sleeves and pants, plus that will reduce the surface area those nasty little buggies can attack. We adore the plaid and denim look. Take it into the summer and 4th with white jeans and a red plaid in a light cotton. 100% American! Here’s an example of the adorable look from the gap.

4. Totally Totes!

You’ll need a bag to carry around all of your goodies! We absolutely love local girl Lindsay Tia’s Bravery Bag. The 20-something handbag designer manufactures the America-themed bags right here in Massachusetts!

3. Red Lips

We love all of the fuschia and hot pink lipsticks this season. But, for the 4th, show everyone you’re a red blooded American with a classic and bold red lip. Check out Kimberly’s pretty pucker. With her gorgeous eyes, her lips complete the red, white, and blue color theme!

2. Fire Up The Grill!

As you may have gathered from previous posts, we LOVE food. So, we associate pretty much any holiday with filling our bellies. Burgers, kielbasa, hot dogs- oh, and one of our favorites – steamed lobster. Honestly, how often do you get to dip food in butter?

If you’re the host, make sure you have enough propane and shine up that spatula, because the 4th is a day for a major barbecue. If you’re a guest, remember, never go empty handed! Pasta salads, dips- get creative! We really like some of the festive recipes on allrecipes.com – tasty and cute!

1. Your Patriotic Spirit!

That’s right, you can’t have a 4th of July party without love for America! We don’t care if you’re a liberal (Jess) or conservative (Kim), we just want everyone to be proud of our equal rights to, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!


Have a happy and safe 4th of July Hauties!


Kim & Jess

Go America, it’s your birthday!
We gon’ party, like it’s your birthday!
We gon’ sip Baccardi, like it’s your birthday!
And you know, we don’t give a hoot, it IS your birthday!