Hello Hauties!

As we meet the baby new year in the month of January, we also meet a well-known frenemy, old man winter. Despite Kim romping on the beach in the above picture, we know he’s coming. So, how do we get through the short and cold days of the next couple of months? Well, for starters, positive thoughts! If you haven’t noticed, the afternoon sun IS actually setting a little later. But, yes, we know, it’s a moot point until you can sit on your deck and sip an ice tea or cocktail at 7pm.

So, if the slowly approaching vernal equinox and eventually summer solstice don’t do it for you, here are some things to help you get through the winter of 2016!

10. A GOOD Snow Shovel

Okay, so this one isn’t a beauty or fashion-focused tip. But, trust us, don’t wait until that snow storm is barreling down on New England and then freak out on the poor folks at Home Depot when they are sold out of shovels and rock salt. Go there now, calmly, and buy a shovel with a metal edge. Don’t cheap out ladies. Because, when that storm does come, you can bet a nice layer of freezing rain will either be under or on top of the snow. And, unless you want to hack away with a heavy duty pry bar (Jess has done it, and while it may make you feel empowered for about four minutes, it ends up being horribly not fun) invest in a metal edged shovel, preferably aluminum or another rust resistant material.

Here’s a good one that is in stock at home depot. Kimberly votes this color, bright and easy to find when your children decide to leave it out to be buried in the snow. Circa: Winter 2015. 

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 12.08.30 PM

9. Glam Cardigan

Jess seems a little confused in this picture. Maybe it’s because she’s wondering why so many people are still buying plain button down cardigans when there are so many fabulous options! Check out this Barrow & Grove cashmere, faux fur cardigan, and that’s just the tip of yarn our friends! Cardigans have come out of nana’s closet and moseyed onto the runway. Dolman sleeves, mixed fabrics, luxurious colors and textures. Don’t hang a boring button down on the back of your desk chair. The next time a chill breezes through the office, throw a cardigan over your shoulders that will have your co-workers wondering where your personal trailer is and who let you off the set. 😉


Barrow & Grove is exclusively found on gilt.com

Here, Kim sets the perfect example of how to do the glam cardigan this winter; color, legs, and confidence!


It is easy to smile when it’s January and you can hang around down by the ocean in your favorite sweater coat, scarf and boots! Thank you mother nature; thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The sweater is Lauren by Ralph Lauren and she bought it at Lord and Taylor.

8. Cozy Slippers

Toasty toes. That says it all. We love these Atwell and Ugg slippers in soothing shades of grey. But what do we love more? The fuzzy shearling interior of course! Plus, they are outdoor/indoor slippers; perfect for a quick trip to the mailbox or to pick up the kids. Just don’t get caught in the liqour store in them like Jess once did. The people around you will have WAY too much fun making jokes.


7. Warm Leggings

We all love our yoga pants. But, if you’re going to be marching all around New England in them during this time of the year, they need a tighter knitted fabric. Here are a couple of great choices!


Coated Moto Leggings by Heather Thomson

These are not only great because of the coating that keeps out the wind chill, but they also have built in tummy and booty control. Yahoo!


These CW-X Generator Endurance Tights are for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast. If you run, you will love the warmth and compression support. (Jess does.) But really, if you buy Lululemon, the price is equivalent, and your butt will look just as good and you’ll feel like an athlete.

6. Protection for your Perfect Pucker

Chapped lips are the worst, right? We both have our preferred solutions to keep our kissers soft, and well, kissable all winter long. Jess prefers a tub of Aquaphor, also good for the face when running, hands and feet before bedtime, and well, really any body part you want to keep baby soft. Kim has kept her smile soft and perfect for years using Carmex.



6. Scarfs and Snoods

On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing better for the soul than a cup of tea and well draped scarf. If in the office or at lunch, a scarf just gives you that feeling of warmth and security. Maybe it’s because a scarf is a little bit like a fashion hug. 🙂 Kim knows how to rock a scarf through any season!


When you want to take your scarf into overdrive, go for a snood. Jess loves all of her snoods, but really favors these beauties by Hortensia Handmade. They are made from alpaca and are so super soft. They may be pricey, but she swears they are worth it. The ivory one has been in her wardrobe as a staple for years. Right about now, you can probably start to find them on sale. The great thing about a snood is you can roll up to a bar in a cool tank with a snood, and somehow that warmth around your neck (plus a tall martini) will keep you nice and toasty.

Cobalt Snood

You won’t believe the price she paid on intermix at the end of season sale a few years ago for the ivory one. Let’s just say, it was the cost of a couple of fancy Starbucks lattes and maybe a muffin! “Whoa,” said Joey! And, it is still in perfect condition!

snood collage

5. A Fitted Beanie Cap 

Cool looking hats are great. But, keep in mind, you want to look cool, not feel cold. A tight-fitting beanie cap will keep your noggin’ nice and snug. And there are so many stylish ones out there, you won’t have to worry about looking like a goof.


Here, Jess has on a nice cashmere White+Warren cap. You can find an assortment of other soft and colorful caps on sale practically daily on gilt.com.

3. Touch Screen Gloves

We’re all so touchy these days! At least, with our personal devices. So, why get frustrated when you are walking down the street and MUST respond to a text, but can’t because of your gloves from 2009. Such a conundrum; take off the gloves and you can respond, but you also might loose the feeling in your fingertips and any moisture in your skin. These etip screen gloves by The North Face are a must and we have them in a couple different colors. (Just try not to forget and leave them in an Uber; it really hurts when you do.) By the way, check out the Instagram page in the photo. If you’re not following us already, you should be! (Shameless plug, yes, we know.)


2. Waterproof and Warm Winterboots

We all love our boots. But, when the snow hits, the worst thing you can do is step out in your precious suede or soft leather boots. You need heavy duty, hard core New Englander footwear. Jess has had these Ugg Adirondacks for about seven years, and they’ve yet to fail her.



Through ski lodges and her own backyard, they’ve kept her tootsies warm and dry. And somehow, they manage to look good with everything, even ensembles worn during those pre-children snowstorm brunches at Abe & Louie’s. (Remember those days girls?) Anyhow, thumbs up to Ugg!


And, if you’re just looking to keep your feet nice and toasty like they are resting in front of that fire, Kim loves wearing these cutie moccasin-style wrap boots by TOMS.

1. A Warm Coat

Wool, down, primaloft- whatever. Just be sure it will keep you warm when you’re pulling that sled or trying to figure out why your Uber is parked two streets away or circling the wrong block.


Kimberly looks spectacular in this steal from Target. You don’t have to pay a million bucks to look like it! 🙂



Jessica opts for this burgundy down coat by Dawn Levy.  Sure, she frequently breaks into a sweat when forgetting to take it off as she runs through the grocery store grabbing a few essentials. But, nothing challenges the character-building New England winter like this coat. In the great outdoors, no cold is getting through this down-filled sucker!

Let’s face it, we’ve been pretty lucky so far this winter. (Please knock on wood, your head, anything to offset this statement.) But, when winter does come for us, keep this list handy. We know these goodies will help ease the sting from the season. And, if not, let’s all get together and play a game of Twister or charades. Those really are the best remedies against a snow storm!

Happy Wintering!

xo Kimberly & Jessica