Tiss the season to pull out and put on as much glitter and sparkle as you can find. Just one more reason why the holiday season rocks – It’s the time when I can let my sparkly freak flag fly!

While it’s true shiny things may temporarily distract me, that doesn’t mean I’m simple. I’m smart enough to know when my plate is overflowing that it is time to delegate! And yes, this even includes fashion decisions.

Christy Neves, General Manager at the Newbury Street Alice + Oliviais the fashion expert to whom I turn when I’m in need of wardrobe assistance. Christy, who is passionate about the brand, is the perfect guide to help anyone navigate their way through all of the fashion trends to find what suits their body and style.

Christy Neves, General Manager of the Newbury Street Boston Alice and Oliva

And why do I turn to Alice + Olivia? The styles are fun and inspired. Each piece that lines the racks of the lifestyle brand’s Boston boutique is cut to flatter. Besides the technical aspect of having eye-catching clothes, I also love the message behind the brand- female empowerment!

Stacey Bendet, Alice + Olivia creator, started the brand after an LA boutique owner caught sight of her in a pair of tailored jeans Stacey fashioned for herself. The woman stopped Stacey, asked about the pants, and then immediately placed multiple orders for those sexy trousers. Stacey was soon on her way to heading the international contemporary brand that is now Alice + Olivia.

Besides sending the message of encouraging women to be all they can, the brand is profoundly philanthropic. For the past couple of years, they have outfitted the women of WCVB Chanel 5 for the Ellie Fund’s Spring Fashion Show. I also recently held an event at the store to benefit the Elle Fund, and they donated 20% of the proceeds to this beloved Massachusetts Patient Breast Cancer Support Charity

So back to shiny things and trying to work, parent, while also upkeeping the holiday spirit.

Christy (and everyone in the store) has a knack for styling. Sure, it’s easy when they have a store full of gorgeous clothes. But, they also recognize all of our bodies are different. They select clothes that will be the most flattering for each woman.

With multiple holiday parties and events on the calendar, I met with Christy for a styling session, as well as to get the scoop on the Alice + Olivia holiday trends.

As Christy and her team scooped up different outfits for me to try, like a pink plush overcoat and sparkly iridescent paillette dress, she explained the influence behind the 2018 Alica + Olivia Holiday Collection.

The ancient trade route, Silk Road, provided rich inspiration for Stacey. These historical passageways allowed for the sharing of cultures. Named after the rich and beautiful Asian silks so prized and for which the West eagerly traded, this ancient gateway expanded the horizons of all involved. The styles are playful but sensible – something that resonates back to that first pair of sexy trousers Stacey altered for herself.

As a result of that beautiful Silk Road, the French eventually wanted to emulate those beautiful pieces that came from the far east. So, the tried to replicate the pieces in the form of Chinoiserie.

The ancient artwork of the orient imprinted upon these Chinoiserie pieces became a mind-opening inspiration for Europeans. Hundreds of years later Stacey Bendet is repurposing those French interpretations in her 2018 Holiday Collections.

Bright fuschia, rose, shell pink, and indigo cause eyes to pop. Roses burned into velvet call to the opulence of the Silk Road. And, because of its the holidays, Stacey made sure to include sparkle, embellishments, sequins, and crystals. As for the particular styles, here is what you should grab.

  • Dresses – minis, wraps, and fun knits.
  • Jackets – plaid, mixed fabrics, updated bombers, and funky and fresh suits (velvet, embellished, and updated jacquards).
  • Outerwear – Puffers in metallics and bold colors, plush faux furs in long and cropped shapes.
  • Pants & Shorts – Flare out those pants in sophisticated prints and lush fabrics and sensible cropped pants and shorts, where the cut take center stage.
  • Skirts – Minis are mega in sequins, metallics, and patchwork. If you’re not into the mini, then a full ankle length style will carry you through with elegance.
  • Sweaters – fur details, chains, embellishments, and hoods. The sweaters are opulent and would entice anyone to want to trade a prized possession for one.
  • Tops – rich fabrics, embellishments, and appliques make these sweaters date ready. Strong shoulders and standout fabrics

For my styling session Christy definitely catered to my love of sparkles with a black sequin cut-out gown, a paillette cocktail dress, a black sequin skirt, and metallic leopard print jacket, and then a day look with velvet shorts and a white satin white blouse.

As you can see, these clothes are seriously fun!












Remember, don’t go crazy worrying about what to wear this holiday season.

Head to the Alice + Olivia store at 166 Newbury Street Boston, and let Christy and her gang of fashion experts take at least one worry off your holiday check list.

Oh, and just so you know, I’ll still be wearing glitter into the new year. 😉

A huge thanks to the Haute Mama, Melissa Lena for understanding the importance of taking photos from a flattering angle. 😉

The Fab Photographer Melissa Lena

If you’ve never been in the store and you love shopping, you won’t regret visiting this pretty-as-a-picture shop. Not only will Christy and her staff receive you with open arms, but you’ll love sticking your arms (and legs) into every article of clothing. Just taking in the sights of all the decadent materials and varied colors will ignite your fashionista senses sending you into fashion euphoria.

We learned from Christy that anyone could host a shopping event at the store where 20% of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice. With this in-style event, the hostess also gets an outfit valued at $495.00. Cool incentive if you ask us.

The Newbury Street store also offers personal shoppers, as well as a made-to-order service. The company will ship you several outfits, and you simply return what doesn’t float your boat and keep the rest. That makes your next vacation a lot easier!

Thank you to Ashley Nicole Mason for the fabulous hair styling!