Chanel Beauty – Holiday 2019

Chanel is going for “Baroque” with its 2019 holiday beauty collection. For my word nerds, I thought you might appreciate the dorky pun. For those of you here for the beauty scoop, Chanel based the 2019 holiday beauty collection on the period when opulence and excess dripped from every ceiling and on every woman’s bust. Yeah, baby!

Counter Manager at and the Newbury Street Chanel Store, Jaclyn Angelini,  tells us the Chanel Holiday beauty is a glamorous and chic spin on the Chanel classics. With eye shadow palettes embossed with vintage Chanel buttons, flashy golden hues dot eyelids and blend into faces, creating a holiday glow that seems to come from within.

Per usual, I was so excited to have Jaclyn do my makeup again. Besides having a few laughs together, she also makes me feel human again!

Les Ornements
De Chanel – Holiday Beauty

When I arrived for our session, I was all flustered. Unknowingly, I had walked down Newbury Street with my coffee cup tilted sideways, and my hot and much needed wake-up-my-arse beverage was all over my coat and had spilled in my bag.

Jaclyn, with her calm demeanor and beautiful smile, helped me clean up the hot mess I made, put me at ease, and then helped to make me not look like a hot mess!

We discussed the gorgeous colors in the Chanel beauty 2019 holiday collection; gold was a must! But, we decided to go in a different direction than the holiday red lip; to create a look that works from the daytime holiday party into the evening.

Here we are, ready to get started!

The Base

PRIMER Sublimage Creme ($400)– This decadent cream primed my skin with lasting hydration!

CONCEALER Le Correcteur De Chanel in 20 Biege ($43)- Jaclyn dabbed this skin-blending concealer over my eyelids, and any other areas she wanted to “neutralize”.

FOUNDATION Les Beiges in Medium Light ($65)- An ultra-hydrated foundation with perfectly matched beads of pigment suspended in a water-based gel. This stuff is Awe-Some!

The Face

POWDER –  Les Beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Colour in Medium Deep ($58) – Instead of setting powder, Jaclyn used this lovely bronzer; it has a little bit of shimmer and warmed up my drab winter skin.

BLUSH Joues Contraste in Golden Sun ($45) – This is a great neutral shade and works on many skin tones. 

HIGHLIGHTERBalm Essentials Multi-Use Glow Stick in Sculpting ($45) – This stuff is THE BOMB! Jaclyn ran the velvety and moisture-infused highlighter on my cheekbones and down my nose. It created a light and luminous look that I swear took away some of the late night and champagne naughtiness of the holiday season. It also comes in a clear color if you just want to add a little sheen throughout the day and night!

CONTOUR Les Beiges Exclusive Creation Healthy Glow Sheer Powder in No. 50 ($58) – To give my face a few angles, Jaclyn used Chanel’s sheer powder in a darker shade to contour my cheek bones, eye crease, nose, and around the chin. It’s like faux filler for your face!

SPOT TREATING Palette Essentielle in Beige Clair ($60) – With this amazing little compact, you can conceal, highlight, AND add a swash of color to your cheeks and lips. This thing is totally a necessity. ; ) Jaclyn used this pretty little pack to touch up a few areas and dab my lips with a bit of pink.

The Eyes

BROWSStylo Sourcils Waterproof in Brun ProFond ($33) – I love seeing Jaclyn because she makes me feel like Brooke Shields, or at least I feel like I have her killer eyebrows. Check out this side eye with only one eye complete.

LIDS – Limited Edition Ombre Première in Gradeur ($36) – Jaclyn used her Midas touch and swiped this gorgeous gold over my entire lid.

From the limited edition Les 4 Ombres ($65) holiday eye shadow palette, Jaclyn used a blend of the rich hues in the crease of my eye, as well as on my lower lid.

BLENDED LINERStylo Ombre Et Contour in Contour Clair ($34) – These eye liners are thick and juicy! Apply them and then smudge to your hearts desire. Create a a little smoke or a complete fire!

LASH PRIMER La Base Mascara Volume and Care Lash Primer ($32) – After Jaclyn curled my lashes with a pretty gold Chanel eyelash curler, she coated them in Chanel’s white eye lash primer. This pre-mascara step not only increases volume, but also nourishes and protects the lashes.

MASCARA Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in Noir ($32) – Chanel’s lengthening and thickening mascara is good enough on its own, but with the primer – yowza! I was seriously impressed with the lash magic Jaclyn created.

TOP LINER Calligraphie de Chanel Longwear Intense Cream EyeLiner ($35) in Hyperblack – To give my eyes and lashes a pop, Jaclyn carefully lined my upper lid with this slick liner. I have a small lid, I’ve had makeup artists make my eyes look super small and heavy with too much upper liner. Brava Jaclyn for doing such a great job!

How fun is it to look at the before and after with only one eye done? Makeup really does help to accentuate ones features!

The Lips

LIP GLOSSRouge Coco Gloss in Noce Moscata ($30) – Part of Jaclyn’s plan was to do a neutral lip. She was aiming for subtle and sheer shimmer for the entire holiday look. I would say she succeeded!

Three Products You Need!!!!

Buying all of the products Jaclyn used would seriously dent any budget. But, if you’re going to buy anything, I strongly recommend the following three. After that, you can slowly build your Chanel make-up collection from month-to-month.

  • Palette Essentiell ($60)- This is my new favorite beauty product! I carry this little baby with me everywhere. In fact, if I can only take out one product, this would be it. It has a multiple-personality, but it’s not a disorder. A blush, lip, highlighter, and concealer all in one pretty little palette. This is definitely worth the 60 bucks!
  • Balm Essentials Multi-Use Glow Stick ($45) – Buy this in the transparent color and say goodbye to moisture-deprived skin. The heat in our homes might prevent our pipes from freezing, but it certainly doesn’t freeze time on our faces. This little magic stick gives life to your skin where winter has otherwise sucked it out.
  • Rouge Coco Gloss in Noce Moscata ($30) – This moisturizing gloss is slick, but not too sticky. What’s most important about this recommendation is the color. It’s a nude/pink that is flattering on all skin tones and really with any color clothes. Think of it as a nude Louboutin for your lips!


  1. Don’t overdo contouring, make it natural by choosing the right shade.
  2. Apply contouring color to anything you want to make recede
    • To the tip of the nose to make it look smaller.
    • Swash a small amount down the sides of the nose to make the nose look more narrow.
    • Brush from under cheekbones to the ear to chisel cheekbones.
    • Dust on the top of the forehead to great the classic oval shape.
    • Gently blend!
  3. Apply powder highlighter to moisturized (but dry) lips for a subtle and sexy sheen that lasts for hours!
  4. Use highlighter on any parts of the face the sun naturally highlights.
  5. To draw dramatic brows,
    • Brush the brow first.
    • Start underneath to create the shape.
    • Hit the top to define the peak.
    • Soften by rolling over the entire shape.
    • Set with brow gel
  6. To create a dewy luminosity, mix facial oil with a highlighter.

Happy holidays! Remember, true beauty begins from within. 😉

To make an appointment with Jaclyn, contact the Boston Chanel store at  (617) 859-0055.