Holiday Beauty Looks

Chanel. Just the word alone evokes thoughts of luxury; like swimming in pearls and being bathed in satin!

But, we’re not talking clothes. (Although, we wouldn’t mind doing the backstroke in a closet full of Chanel.) You can find these shimmering pearls luminescing in highlighting powder and the satin is in the fluidity of Chanel’s liquid makeup.

For our next holiday beauty review, we visited Chanel’s only Boston store on Newbury Street to see the fabulous Chanel makeup artist and counter manager, Jaclyn Angelini. Jaclyn gave us a tutorial on how to create a few holiday beauty looks for this holiday season. Besides beauty tips, we also picked up a few great new products! Be sure to check the bottom of the article for our favorite products.

Look One- Glowingly Simple


If you love lots of eye makeup and glittery lip gloss like we do, going “nude” might make you a little nervous. But, Jaclyn promised bold eyebrows and serious cheekbones (via a little facial contouring). So, we agreed to give the simple look a shot.

This look is perfect for a daytime event or for when you want to create a dewy look and then laugh in the face (or vent) of your forced hot air. Don’t try to take away our skin’s glow old man winter!

Here’s what you need to create this nude and dewy look. (Keep in mind, this simple look also serves as the base all of our holiday beauty looks.)


Jacque used the following Chanel products and techniques to create a natural and glowing look.


  1. HYDRA BEAUTY ESSENCE MIST  – Jaclyn applied this anti-oxidant rich spray to prep the skin.
  2. HYDRA BEAUTY CRÈME This moisturizing and protecting creme provides a great canvas for makeup.  If you like to go without liquid makeup, Jacque recommends the gel formula.
  3. HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO GEL YEUX INTENSE SMOOTHING EYE GEL – We love how this eye gel instantly replenished the dry skin under our eyes. Jaclyn tells us we can use this product throughout the day as a refresher.
  4. HYDRA BEAUTY BALM – Soften that pucker with this nourishing lip care.

Applying Makeup

  1. BASE LUMIERE – Jaclyn used this oil-free makeup base to even skin tone, give a little illumination, and extend the life of the makeup.
  2. CC CREAM SPF 50 – Even in the winter, SPF is a skincare necessity. To give this sun protection oomph, Jacque mixed in one pump of SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL SHEER ILLUMINATING FLUID  The light-reflecting pigments turn the SPF into glowing protection, but still with enough coverage.
  3. LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL LONGWEAR CONCEALER – Hey, as a 40-something mom of two crazy boys, Jess was thrilled Jaclyn found a way to hide her tired eyes. Jaclyn used an amazing DUAL-ENDED CONCEALER BRUSH to complete the task.
  4. To really give tired eyes a boost, she lined the inside of the lower lid with Chanel’s nude liner LE CRAYON KHÔL INTENSE EYE PENCIL in Clair.
  5. PALETTE ESSENTIELLE – Here comes the fun part! Facial contouring! Jacque gives a great tip – don’t overdo it! This palette definitely pulls its weight. Concealer, highlighter, contouring cream, and a little color for the lips, all in one handy little compact.
  6. BASE OMBRE À PAUPIÈRES PROFESSIONAL EYESHADOW BASE – Do you want your eyeshadow to last longer? This creamy base helps the color to adhere and prevents creasing. It also has pearl reflectives, making it work without any shadow at all.
  7. SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL BRONZING MAKEUP BASE – To add a little color to the face, Jacque mixed in this bronzer with foundation using a Kabuki brush. She added this lovely color under the cheekbones, to the sides of the temples, top of the forehead and under the jawline. As a tip, warm up the foundation on the back of your hand first.
  8. To set the makeup, Jaclyn used CHIFFRES ENTRELACÉS HEALTHY GLOW LUMINOUS COLOUR . We love the packaging of this glowing powder.
  9. For a sun-kissed bronze, Jaclyn used JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH in Golden Sun. She applied it from the apples of the cheeks toward the temples. 
  10. Jaclyn introduced us to another winning product, HUILE DE JASMIN. This light facial oil is a wonder product. Jaclyn mixed it with highlighting powder and used it down the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. She then went back to the contouring palette and used it along the sides of the nose to thin the bridge.
  11. Dramatic brows are in! But, not all of us have them. STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF Eyebrow Pencil creates those big, high arches we all want. The angled pencil makes it easy, even for us novices.
  12. Jaclyn did a few quick touch ups with the concealer under the brows, as well as under the eye.
  13. We learned that everything needs prepping – even eyelashes! BEAUTÉ DES CILS NOURISHING MASCARA BASE provides nourishment and aids in creating length and volume.
  14. INIMITABLE MASCARA curls the lashes, adds volume and length but also keeps nice separation.
  15. Jaclyn dabbed a little bit of color from the contouring palette for a nude lip.
  16. To finish, she added a final spray of Hydra Beauty Essence Mist.

Look Two- Bold Lip and Cat Eye

Sometimes you just can’t beat a bold lip! For our next tutorial, the five year Chanel makeup veteran gave us an easy and elegant look, simply with a red lip and neatly lined eye.

To create this look, prep your skin as previously described. Then, use these quick steps and products.


  1. First step? Lining the lips with LE CRAYON LÈVRES PRECISION LIP DEFINER in the rich red shade Seduction.
  2. For the holiday season, Chanel has a few lovely reds in spectacular packaging. Jaclyn used ROUGE ALLURE VELVET
  3. To add punch to the already bold lip, Jaclyn dabbed the highlighter from the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE in the middle.
  4. The lips aren’t complete without high shine! GLOSS VOLUME PLUMPING LIPGLOSS gives a lacquer look that feels nice and smooth, not sticky!
  5. To contour the eye, Jaclyn applied OMBRE PREMIÈRE Longwear Powder Eyeshadow in shade Visone.
  6. Creating a cat eye isn’t easy! Jaclyn tipped us off to her secret weapon, an amazing eyeliner brush, and CALLIGRAPHIE DE CHANEL LONGWEAR INTENSE CREAM EYELINER in Hyperblack. Jaclyn tells us not to be afraid! You can always fix any mistakes you make.

Look Three- Going Bold

Want big eyes and pouty lips? Jaclyn’s next look helps to exaggerate those features and go for the “gold.”


  1. Jaclyn kept our nicely painted red lip and moved onto the eyes.
  2. To pull in some light, our beauty expert started by applying OMBRE PREMIÈRE Longwear Cream Eyeshadow in silver screen from three quarters of the outer corner of the eye.
  3. She then used the TRAIT DE CARACTÈRE EYESHADOW PALETTE to create a bold eye, using the darkest shade in the crease and then softening the edges.
  4. Jaclyn lined under and the top of the eye with STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF LONG LASTING EYELINER in Legendary Green.
  5. She grabbed that nude eyeliner again to make sure the inside of the eyelid looks clean and bright. Using the nude liner on the inside, and a darker shade underneath the bottom lash really makes the eyes pop!
  6. For a golden glow, Jaclyn mixed OMBRE PREMIÈRE Longwear Powder Eyeshadow in Poudre d’or with that lovely jasmine facial oil.
  7. For a pouty lip, she used her Midas touch, putting the golden mixture in the middle of the bottom lip.
  8. She also used it as a highlighter on the cheekbones and the middle of the eyelid.

Look Four – Simple Lip And A Bold Eye

In our final look, Jaclyn kept the eyes strong but toned down the lips with a nice neutral color. Remember, this still uses the same instructions from the first look as a base, as well as the previously described bold eye.


  1. Using the instructions for the previous bold eye, for this look, Jaclyn made sure we had nice clean and primed lips.
  2. She then lined the lips with LE CRAYON LÈVRES PRECISION LIP DEFINER in natural.
  3. Once outlined, Jaclyn filled the lips with ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITÉ ULTRA WEAR LIP COLOUR in tender beige stain.
  4. Once again, for a fuller lip, Jaclyn perfected the pout with the jasmine oil and golden gloss.

We loved sitting with the seasoned make-up artist. Jaclyn loves making clients feel good about themselves. We can attest to the fact that she easily achieves this goal! Be sure to make an appointment with Jaclyn Angelini the next time you want a “fresh face” or want a special look for that special occasion.

Product Recommendations

So, what Chanel products should you add to your makeup bag? How about all of them? Okay, we realize that’s not possible. But, if you can only grab a few, here are our top four recommendations:

  1. HUILE DE JASMIN – We’ve been using this stuff morning, day, and night. Besides keeping our skin silky soft, we also have employed Jaclyn’s trick of mixing it with various powders to create silky and light pigments.
  2. HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO GEL YEUX INTENSE SMOOTHING EYE GEL – We never thought we’d go gaga for an eye gel – they always just seem to sit on top of the skin. This gel is different, instantly hydrating tired and dry skin.
  3. LE CRAYON KHÔL INTENSE EYE PENCIL In Clair – This nude eyeliner is seriously addicting! We’ve even started keeping it in our purse. Line the entire eye for a young, bright-eyed look.
  4. STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF Eyebrow Pencil – This eyebrow pencil kicks butt! We can make our brows light and natural or full and arched. It’s one of those ten things we’d take to a deserted island.

Happy Holidays!

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