The first lessons we learn about beauty comes from our mothers. We learn indirectly, as we watch them get ready, either for work or a night on the town. We see the care they take with their skin and makeup. Perhaps your mother wasn’t the make-up type. You still learned subtle lessons about beauty in the way she would tie back her hair, in the beauty of her smile and laugh, in the way she took care of herself. Other lessons are more direct- stand up straight, wash your face before bed, get your beauty rest!

The most valuable lessons about beauty are about the glow that comes from within- confidence. A woman can be picture perfect, but if she doesn’t exhibit kindness, all of the external beauty disappears. Confidence and self-love give a woman a radiance that cannot be achieved by any other means. Inner beauty becomes outer beauty.

Aging can affect that confidence, undermining both inner and outer beauty. In today’s world of modern aesthetics, there’s no reason to have our confidence shaken. We can grow old gracefully and still look like our younger selves because the modes to preserve youthful appearance are a piece of cake.

I was lucky enough to take the woman who taught me about beauty and so much more, my stepmother Helen, to Dr. Russo’s Cosmetic Center. I wanted to help her address some of her aging issues and give her back that confidence and inner glow!

Helen had been complaining about her drooping neck for a while. Dr. Russo offers a minimally invasive procedure, called FaceTite. Just a few years ago, the answer for Helen would have been a lower facelift. With FaceTite, there are no stitches, no cuts- no facelift! She didn’t even need anesthesia. Watch her experience with this simple procedure, as well as our thoughts on Mother’s Day and the importance of teaching young girls self-love.

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Thank you to Sam Saks for the marvelous videography and editing!