If Red Zinfandel still gets overlooked, it’s because everyone thinks of the trashy cousin from the 1980’s – white zin.

Considering Zinfandel grapes cover at least 10% of Californian vineyards, we should all pay a little more attention to this potentially high-alcohol producing wine. Post Road Liquors recommended we try a bottle of Jamieson Ranch, 2015 Whiplash Zinfandel. After enjoying a bottle, we can now heartily recommend it too!

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Jamieson Ranch – 2015 Whiplash Zinfandel (Lodi)

COST – $15.99

GRAPE – 97% Zinfandel 3% Petite Sirah

COUNTRY – United States

REGION – Lodi, California

TASTING NOTES – Brilliant ruby red in color, the 2015 Whiplash Zinfandel boasts aromas of dark cherries, boysenberry, plum, and blueberry. Layers of juicy red berries explode on the palate. Mild hints of toasted oak lengthen the finish but don’t overwhelm the fruit. Soft tannins and a hint of sweetness lead to a rich, delightful finish on the palate.


Whiplash – catchy name for a bottle of wine. And although it is a tasty Zinfandel, the name of the wine has nothing to do with it being so good one gets whiplash when walking by a glass. The bottle is named after a stallion who was said to intermingle both power and grace to make him a legend.

Located in the southernmost area of Napa Valley, the Jamieson Ranch Vineyard is rich in both horse training knowledge and winemaking.

A statue of the wine’s namesake stands at the front of Jamieson Ranch Vineyards, which produces the gorgeous Zinfandel. The vineyard aims to maintain those qualities of power and elegance found in Whiplash the horse also in their wine.

A quick fun fact about Zinfandel’s arrival in California. As it happens, gold diggers (like the original ones in overalls with a sifter and shovel) brought Zinfandel to California during the gold rush.

These vines, first planted in the mid-nineteenth century are now prized and used to make old vine Zinfandel.

But, back to our case (or bottle) of Whiplash. I enjoyed it. For me, I tasted the red fruits immediately but then a little smokiness from the tannins. This wine has the power to stand up to heavy foods. We enjoyed it with a gooey spruce-wrapped Winnimere soft cheese we tried as Wasik’s cheese of the month.

The two made for a delicious appetizer and kicked off the conversation for what ended up being a very fun night! Grab a bottle for yourself. Just don’t forget to get your Haute Life 20% discount!


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