We first introduced you to handbag designer,” Lindsay Tia, last November.  Needless to say, we featured the spitfire entrepreneur because we were muy impressed! Well, she’s impressing us once again! This major “girl boss,” has a majorly exciting new venture – The Cue. The retail/showroom launches October 12th and is setting our fashion hearts aflutter! The style lounge has the potential for custom clothing and so much more! But, we’ll let Linsday be the one to tell you all about it…

Don’t forget to check out the video and event details at the end of the interview!

  1. Tell me about your new showroom/retail concept. What exactly do you do there and who is your target audience?

The retail space is the product of years of feedback from my customers that have supported Lindsay Tia along the way telling me they really desired a place where they can touch and feel the brand, where they could come in and look at the various options available to them. On top of that, we had another group of clients who have involved Lindsay Tia in their wardrobe and lives so much that they asked us about whether we’d enter into the traditional clothing world and be able to offer them something from head to toe.

We rely heavily on the feedback of our customers, they are the life of our business and the best people to help us grow! So, of course, when the request was made, we looked into every avenue and were able to find a great new home to host all of the things they wanted. 

Our concept is different than your traditional retail shop. We’re a “Style Lounge” in a 3rd-floor loft space, targeting and styling the trendy professionals with our “Boardroom to Bar Room” fashions. Trends, custom clothing, and fashion pieces you can wear from the office to your events at night!


  1. What is your top piece of advice for women who are trying to define their style, be on trend but also be true to themselves?

Timeless looks with trendy accessories that match their personality.


  1. What are your top 5 wardrobe picks for fall and why?

This fall we’re in love with the texture looks. From trendy sweaters and leather skirts to a fun pair of bottoms with a trendy blouse. We picked looks we could help style from that dress-up look to casual work, and then to weekend attire.


  1. How old are you and how did you get into fashion?

I’m 26 and I got into fashion at a young age. There were too many influences to avoid it, to be honest. I was fortunate that the ladies in my family were fashionable, stylish, and most importantly, carried themselves a certain way; I was eager to emulate that. Now, many years later, I get the opportunity to pass that onto a new set of ladies (and some men), while doing what I love, and staying an active part of the “girl boss” movement. 


  1. What is stylish at any age?

The perfect dress! It’s a piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Check out the preview video!

“Welcome to The Cue, a style lounge carefully curated for the trendy professional. It’s for all of us that want to look our best, whether you’re going from the boardroom to the bar room, from day to night, or from busy weekdays to lazy Sundays. The Cue has everything we need to feel confident in our look – anytime, anywhere.” – Lindsay Tia

Credits - Video RLR Studio, Photos: Rachel Rubin RLR STUDO

Need to see it in person? We do! Join us at the launch party and get your shop on!

Launch Party

October 12th, 6-9pm at Boston winery

Virtual fashion show, shopping, and more!