If you are, or have ever been, in the Boston fitness scene, then you undoubtedly know (and love) Chad Flahive. Chad is charisma. Seriously, if we could bottle and sell Chad, we could make millions. He’s hilarious, smart, full of energy, and not bad on the eyes. Oh, and he’ll whip your butt into shape and make you think you’re having a party rather than working out!

Equinox saw the value of Chad, and made The Public Body founder their new Director of Fitness at the new Equinox Seaport.

If you don’t know Chad, we thought a quick interview would be a great way to introduce you to this Barry’s Bootcamp legend, as well as steal a few quick fitness tips!

1. What song always gets you moving first thing in the morning?

Beyonce Halo… or anything Beyonce.

2. You used to be a school principal, what skills did you pick up from that gig that are most useful in life?

Remembering to be kind, because everyone you meet is going through a struggle that you know nothing about.

3. What’s your favorite pre-date night workout routine- what’s going to get those muscles poppin’?

I love a quick and sweaty Tabata or METCON3 class. They are tried and true, backed by science, and always feel good.

4. After finishing your workday at Equinox Seaport, where can we find you refueling or having a drink and unwinding?

l love By Chloe, Committee, and the roof deck at The ENVOY

5. What Equinox classes do you recommend for cardio, strength training, and then just for fun?

My favorite conditioning classes to teach are Whipped and Ropes and Rowers. They change all the time, but you are always working with a team. You never get bored and won’t plateau as the workout always evolves. I have taught the class for 8 years and I have seen so many friendships develop among people that started as teammates. That’s really what makes group fitness so special- the community.

6. If you had to eat one protein, vegetable, and fruit for the rest of your life, what would be your three bites of choice?

Eggs, Avocados and Macintosh Apples

7. When you teach a class, what do you hope to give the participants?

I want them obviously to benefit from well-planned and well-executed programming, but I also want everyone to laugh, smile and feel part of something more than a class or a gym, but a true community of like-minded fitness superstars. It is really the thing that motivates me to teach every day. I feel incredibly fulfilled by the communities and friendships (even a couple marriages) that have developed in all of the classes that I teach. I just love that. I may be wrong, but people generally don’t come to group classes to be by themselves, they likely desire some kind of camaraderie or community.

8. How do you stay motivated and energized for your fitness routine?

I must schedule. If not I must book my trainer at least three times each week.

10. What are the top exercises everyone should do?

Total body, functional movements are key. If you are not integrating deadlifts into your routine, do so now. Make sure you have someone to teach you proper form, as they are very easy to do incorrectly. However, when done correctly, they have many benefits including increased fat burning, many muscles worked simultaneously, and improved posture.

Thanks Chad! We can’t wait to see you around the Seaport!