Fall Stoop Decorations

City living doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy seasonal decorations. In fact, many Boston neighborhood homes have become known for well-adorned front steps. We checked in with home and fashion stylist, Alisa Kapinos for quick and easy tips for creating beautiful fall stoop decorations this season.

Alisa Kapinos
Boston Stylist Extraordinaire Alisa Kapinos

As a home stylist and decorator for clients all over the Boston and Metro West area, I look forward to this time of year because that’s when the decorating season begins! What my clients love about the decor, in particular, when I decorate the exterior of their home is that it instantly accentuates their curb appeal… and it’s just a joy to come home to every night! Here are three quick and easy tips to elevate your home’s front steps this holiday season.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

Monochromatic Fall Stoop Decorations

Between heirloom pumpkins and fancy gourds, there are so many options. My suggestion is to pick the colors you like and go from there. For example, if you love the bright orange pumpkins and yellow gourds, let those colors guide you. Add orange and yellow mums or pansies, and perhaps some tall corn husks too. Or, if you’re going for a more “modern” look, try black and white.  White pumpkins and black accents, like a witch’s hat, black bats, or black outdoor lanterns, will really pop and look very clean. If your mood is sweet, the pastel-colored gourds are one of my all-time favorites. With these, mix pink or white mums and a cool gray doormat for a soothing effect

2. Stick with One Theme

It’s easy to get carried away at the local pumpkin patch. Pick the one piece that stands out to you and “accessorize” everything around that one thing. If you’re a fan of the super scary, uber Halloween-y look, then don’t pick out the pastel pumpkins with pretty mums. Instead, go for the traditional orange pumpkins and draw a scary face. Then, take a quick trip to the Halloween store for a few spooky accessories. Or, if you’re into cute pastel gourds, buy a bunch in varying colors, accessorize with apple baskets and mums. They will make a lovely composition on your front steps. 

3. Have Fun!

This is my mantra with any DIY design. No one is judging, no one will send a letter telling you how awful your steps look. The whole point of decorating is to match your aesthetic taste with your home while also giving you joy when you look at it. Whether you’re out there decorating with your kiddos, or with your friends, it’s supposed to be fun! It should evoke your imagination and creativity, and if it does that, then, in my opinion, it’s a success and is perfect just the way it is! Get out there and decorate and have fun with it! I hope these tips help you get started; happy decorating! 

Fall Stoop Decorations
Alisa’s best advice? Have fun!

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