Happy Memorial Day weekend Hauties!  No matter if you’re hitting a campsite up north, Figawiing on ACK, or just relaxing in your own home, we have some easy and light cocktails for you to enjoy!

The trick to our light and refreshing cocktails, which by the way are just as tasty sans alcohol, is a good flavored sparkling water. We like Whole Foods Italian sparkling water for this purpose.


First up, the watermelon mojito!




Mint sparkling water


Fresh mint

Rum of choice

1. Muddle mint & watermelon. TIP: If you are making an alcoholic beverage, add the rum to your muddle. Use a dash or a dose- whatever suits you! (We won’t tell.) 😉

2.  Add lots of ice to your favorite glass.

3.  Add muddle mixture to ice and stir so watermelon and mint are distributed.

4. Gently pour mint flavored sparkling water. Stir a few times and enjoy! TIP: Tilt the glass when pouring the sparkling water. This will help to avoid fizz and maintain bubbles. P.S. Also works for champagne. 🙂


Strawberry and Basil Cooler




Strawberry sparkling water


Fresh basil

Vodka of choice

1.  Muddle Strawberries and Basil. TIP: Just as with the mojito, add the alcohol during this step to really pull out some flavor.

2.  Again, mounds of ice in a pretty glass. We used crystal water glasses to make it a little more fun. Besides, what else will we use them for- water?

3.  Add muddle mixture to ice and stir.

4. Once again, tilt the glass to the side and pour in the lime sparkling water

 NOTE: Usually these beverages call for simple syrup or sugar mixed into the muddle. We scratched the sugar from the ingredient list. But, if you are used to a sweeter mojito- do it up!

Voila! Two perfect and crisp cocktails for this Memorial Day weekend. Once you’re done, raise your glasses and toast in memory of every woman and man who has died while serving the US military. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Kim & Jess xo 🙂