Gosh, now that November is here, we forget why we loved October so much! The wonderful smell of wood-burning stoves, softly layered clothing, and full-on football! Best part of November, we’re on the horizon of the holiday season. Already, glitter-filled party invitations are starting to filter through our mail.

Carla Orsi, hairdresser at Christiaan Salon in Providence Rhode Island, points us in the right direction to complete our head to toe holiday look with some GREAT hairstyle ideas for the season.

Thanks Carla!



With the holidays right around the corner, it can be stressful to find the time to get everything done; family, cooking, cleaning, buying! Naturally, most of us put ourselves at the bottom of our to-do-list, resulting in last minute, “shopping in our own closet” to find a suitable outfit for the office holiday party.

For the more organized person (you know, no kids, husbands, or demanding supervisors) 😉 it’s possible to have hair and makeup appointments booked weeks in advance, a perfectly tailored dress waiting at the dry cleaner, and Christmas Louboutins patiently sitting in a box awaiting their big debut!

But, more likely than not, even for the most organized person in a close to perfect world this scenario is still a stretch.

To lessen the burden, here are a few inspirational looks you can easily create at home or in that salon appointment you managed to squeeze into your schedule! 2016 has been all about texture! No time to fuss for perfect curls? Good! Because the messier the better! (Step-by-step instructions are at the end of the post.)

Tucking one side behind your ear and fastening with bobby pins instantly gives you a more chic feel!


Grab the loose side-pinned hair to create a loose and soft side pony.


A side pony can be turned into a soft, sultry bun by twisting sections of pony and pinning a few into the base.


And let’s not forget about the classic pony tail. The textured pony gives an air of elegance to go with your perfect heels. 🙂


Follow these steps to create the volume and shape needed for the above looks.

  1. When hair is wet, add a volumizing mouse to the roots and comb through the midshaft. (Two/three day old dry hair works just as well, just use a dry shampoo) Try KMS Add Volume or KMS MakeOverSpray
  2. Blowdry with hands or brush, lifting 90 degrees off of head until hair is completely dry. NOTE: If you have naturally curly hair, you may want to smooth your ends first with a lightweight lotion (KMS TameFrizz Smoothing Lotion).
  3. Starting around face, take thick random sections, and mist with a thermal spray (KMS Hot Flex).
  4. Comb and wrap hair around wand or 1 inch curling iron in vertical sections. NOTE: Don’t wrap the ends around the iron. The technique is meant to create a bend in the midshaft only, creating a nice lovely wave rather than a spiral curl.
  5. When whole head is done, take a tiny amount of lightweight oil (KMS Tamefrizz Oil) and run through midshafts and ends only, separating and shaking waves for a more segmented tousled look.
  6. Once hair has been set with volume, waves and texture, there are lots of looks you can create in under 30 minutes!
  7. Finish your look with a light hairspray (KMS Medium Hold) and out the door you go!


Photo Credit to Christina Monahan.