Chanel Holiday Collection Libre

Chanel Beauty is casting a flashy beauty message in the freshly fallen snow this holiday season. That message is highlighted with golden pigments and bold colors. Be flamboyant, be free, be A LIBRE! A little bit of freedom in a season that has so many rules and traditions sounds like just what deep within our make-up loving hearts needed! The 2018 Holiday Collection Libre reflects the astrological sign of the Chanel Fashion power house’s iconic Mother Figure, Coco Chanel.

Embossed with the face of a Lion, this holiday beauty collection represents the stronghold Coco had and continues to have on the fashion world. Bold metallics and a powerful lip add the drama we are longing for this holiday season.

Counter Manager at the Newbury Street Chanel Store, Jaclyn Angelini,  gave us a rundown on this beautifully bold collection, as well as a lesson on how to create this intense holiday look. Along the way, she also tipped us off to a few key products as well as beauty tricks!

Libre Chanel! A Vibrant Holiday Collection

So, there I was, starting off feeling very naked at Chanel. But, being naked (i.e., no make-up) doesn’t mean I’m uncomfortable, because I am in the brilliant hands of Jaclyn Angelini.

Jaclyn, the Chanel beauty counter manager, and veteran make-up artist has worked wonders on my face for previous events. So, the fact that life with two boisterous boys under ten-years-old (and a fiance who is just as er–um-boyish) is showing on my face doesn’t worry me. Jackie is a magician. THANK GOD.

Goodbye tired eyes and lackluster glow, onto beautiful skin!

The Base

  1. Do you want beautiful skin? Okay, sleep, don’t drink caffeine and limit alcohol intake. As if!? We cannot deny proper hydration begins from within. But, personally, I’m not going to deny myself wine, I need caffeine, and sleep- I’ll do that when I’m dead! Good thing Chanel has a cream that has me covered! Jaclyn primed the canvas that was my sink with Chanel’s luxurious moisturizer Sublimage L’Extrait de Crème. This silky cream is ophthalmologist tested and not only doubles as an eye cream, but addresses anti-aging needs, firmness, texture, and radiance. The magic happens via a special ingredient – Vanilla Planifolia. As Chanel describes, “The natural ingredients derived from the fruit and flower of the plant are blended with Noble Camellia, Jojoba and Canola oils into a lush, rich texture for an exquisitely sensorial experience.”
  2. Once moisturized, Jaclyn used Blanc de Chanel to calm any redness in my skin tone.
  3. Starting at the cheeks and blending outward, she applied Le Teint Ultra Tenue cream foundation in 30 beige.
  4. For concealer – Le Correcteur de Chanel in 32 beige rose. The peachy undertone brightens up the under eye.
  5. To set – No 10 of Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15.
  6. Next, onto one of my favorite parts- Contouring! Jaclyn used an ash tone, rather than an orange.
  7. For a subtle flush, Joues Contraste Golden Sun powder blush was applied to the apple of my cheeks and blended outward.
  8. Onto the highlighter – The Beautiful lLe Lion De Chanel.  This gorgeous golden powder is imprinted with the head of a lion – the image of the libre zodiac. Jaclyn dots it anywhere the sun naturally hits the face. I loved it on my lips for a very natural look.

The Eyes

  1. Even the lids get a little priming to make sure these gorgeous colors last all night long.
  2. Jaclyn artfully used the sultry ombre première eyeshadows to create a drama. Embossed with the Libre lion, she brushed Verte Lame (green) from my lashes to the crease, Cuive Lame (golden brown) as the crease color, and Electrum Lame (gold) to my inner eye.
  3. A thin line of Calligraphie de Chanel gel eyeliner gives the top lid definition.
  4. We get right into the boldness with stylo ombre et contour eyeliner in black. This rich crayon blends so easily – and lasts! Jaclyn applied inside the waterline and outside of the bottom lid for a sexy, smudgy look.
  5. La Base Mascara protects and adds a strengthening and protective coat before Jaclyn uses the classic Le Volume mascara.
  6. I love bold brows, but I’m not so great at creating them on my own. This is one reason I LOVE to have my make-up done by Jaclyn. She used the Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Retractable brow pencil and brow gel.

The Lips

  1. Lips should scream happy holidays with a bold red this time of the year! Rouge Coco Gloss in Flaming Lips easily accomplishes this goal.
  2. To make the lips really pop, Jaclyn outlined them with concealer.


  1. Don’t overdo contouring, make it natural by choosing the right shade.
  2. Apply contouring color to anything you want to make recede
    • To the tip of the nose to make it look smaller.
    • Swash a small amount down the sides of the nose to make the nose look more narrow.
    • Brush from under cheekbones to the ear to chisel cheekbones.
    • Dust on the top of the forehead to great the classic oval shape.
    • Gently blend!
  3. Apply powder highlighter to moisturized (but dry) lips for a subtle and sexy sheen that lasts for hours!
  4. Use highlighter on any parts of the face the sun naturally highlights.
  5. To draw dramatic brows,
    • Brush the brow first.
    • Start underneath to create the shape.
    • Hit the top to define the peak.
    • Soften by rolling over the entire shape.
    • Set with brow gell
  6. To create a dewy luminosity, mix facial oil with a highlighter.

Three Products You Need

All the products Jaclyn used are so luxurious! But, if you can only buy three, my recommendations are as follows:

  • Brow gel – This gel keeps brows in place. I also love it alone (without pencil) for a more natural look.
  • Le Lion De Chanel – Golden highlighter with a lion’s head imprinted on it. Need I say more?
  • Stylo ombre et contour eyeliner – I love the sultry look this rich pencil creates. Start with black, and then buy more!

Happy holidays! Remember, true beauty begins from within. 😉

To make an appointment with Jaclyn, contact the Boston Chanel store at  (617) 859-0055.