It’s been five years since we wrote this article, and we think it’s more relevant than ever, despit Tom Brady turning in his Patriots’ gear. Mr. Brady still proves to be the ultimate role model. With his dedication and leadership our beloved New England Patriots have six Super Bowl wins. Tom, you’ve still got it, and more than ever we want to be like you, even if you finish your career elsewhere. We like to think Pats’ Nation is grateful enough to wish you the best in your future, as well as cheering on the New England Patriots. We’re forever grateful for what you did for us, and in all honesty, we will always wan to be like you!

Go Brady and go Pats!

Hi Haute Pats Fans!

Amazing! What a heart pounding, fantastic football game against the Seagulls! (That’s what my 5-year-old kept calling them. I never bothered to correct him.) Thank goodness we have a snow day to recover and reflect, because there’s a lot for us to learn from this Patriots season.

Do you remember the first time New England realized Tom Brady was awesome? I do. One of my best friends (Bernie Bear) and I decided to head to Pravda, a.k.a. Mercury Bar, a.k.a., Gypsy Bar, a.k.a., Whiskey Saigon. It was early January 2002 and snowing. But, we were young, at the very least we’d burn calories dancing. Decked out in black pants and our sparkly shirts, we headed to our usual post in the backroom. It was dead. Sure, it was early, but we were owning the dance floor and loving it. Then we started to notice people using the restroom, but ignoring the dance floor. So, we followed them to the front bar. The place was packed! Shoulder to shoulder, back to back, all eyes on the TV and the rookie quarterback, who was just about to clinch the AFC divisional playoff game against the Raiders, which put the Patriots on the road toward their first Super Bowl win.

If you’re like me, Bernie Bear, and many of our contemporaries who were watching that game, you feel a kinship with Brady. He’s close to our age; we’ve grown with him. He’s our quarterback. If you nod your head and concur with this, then you were also probably shaking your head with equal dismay when early in this season the press was all over all our boy for a couple of losses. Tom Brady was past his prime; that’s what they said. He’s 37, that’s way too old for an NFL quarterback. He should recognize his decline and step aside. This struck a nerve with many New England Gen-Xers. Leave our boy alone! He’s not old, he’s only 37 for cripes sake. But in the back of our minds we had to think, if he’s post prime, maybe we are too?
Not so fast.

Last night that “old man” was the MVP of Super Bowl 49. He helped to win the 4th Super Bowl for the Patriots in 14 years. How did he do it? Good ol’ hard work and self-discipline. If everyone approached their lives and jobs with the same work ethic as Tom Brady does, we’d be a much more functional society. (Don’t even bring up those 11 balls. Regardless, of how they ended up a fraction under regulation standards, the Pats crushed the Colts in the second half when all of the balls were definitely regulation standard.)

Yes, Brady makes millions and has natural talent. But guess what folks, they pay him all of that money because he delivers. As they say, talent only gets you so far. Imagine the pressure he was under at the start of the season, as he and a new offensive line tried to find their footing, and reporters were asking him if he thought it was time to step aside. Imagine the pressure of Patriots Nation questioning his ability, when only last year we had him boosted on top of our shoulders? The poor guy arrived in Arizona with a cold, his ethics in doubt, and under the pressure of lame-o deflategate. Yet, he still stayed focused and determined. I’m sure we all know people who sit at a desk for work and take three days off for a cold.

Here’s the deal hauties. We generally write for women, and most of the times we will highlight and draw inspiration from women. But today, we’re going to be inspired by Mr. Tom Brady. Mr. Brady inspires us because he walks side-by-side with a strong, independent, and of course, gorgeous wife. We love Tom because he takes his kids to the park rather than staying out late at hot spots. Mr. Brady inspires us because he has that old school work ethic and decorum that seems to have departed with our grandparents; a quality we wish wasn’t so hard to find.

So, the next time you (and by you, I mean me) complain your pants are too tight as you shove triple crème cheese into your mouth; or the next time you wonder why you have never been promoted, yet you never stay late or go the extra mile, think about Tom Brady. Think about Tom going to bed early, working out even when he’s tired, studying plays while he eats his Wheaties. Think about Tom “doing his job” and giving it his all. Think about all he’s given for his die-hard Patriots fans. Let Tom inspire you to be the best you! He’s a lifetime MVP in these mama’s eyes.

It’s your year Tom- go get ’em!

Cheers- make it a good one!
Jessie 🙂