We’re a bit nostalgic this April.  We hope our Top 10 List puts a smile on your faces.

 Do you remember when…

10. Beyonce was Destiny’s Child?

9. harem pants were MC Hammer Pants?

8. TRL was the only way you could see videos on MTV?  (Does MTV still exist? No, seriously, does it?)

7. Paula Abdul seemed a little off on American Idol?

6. (speaking of Paula Abdul) it was illegal to miss the Arsenio Hall Show?

5. Lansdowne Street was filled with thumping beats, glitter, and glow sticks?

4. we actually wrote pen and paper snail mail letters to each other?

3. the movies was the weekend hot spot?

2. school dances and butterflies in your belly?

1. the first time someone kissed your ear and said they loved you (or really, really, really liked you.)?