If you’re a follower of The Haute Life, by now you might have caught on that I am totally into the lifestyle brand Alice + Olivia. And, by into it, I mean I am head through one of those lushes blouses and am pulling up one of brand creator Stacey Bendet’s famously tailored pant legs one at a time! I’m into the full ensemble baby!

Why do I totally dig Alice + Olivia? The eye-catching style of each season is inspired by Stacy Bendet’s travels and personal missions. It’s pretty cool to have a fashion line that is directly influenced by the designer. Besides the story behind each delivery, every piece that lines the racks of the Boston boutique is cut to flatter. So, we have inspiration and the technical aspect of having spectacular and well-tailored clothes as part of the cult following. But, I also adore the message behind the brand- female empowerment!

Sending the message of encouraging women to be all they can is what women of all ages need. Alice + Olivia also believes in philanthropy, which is how I stumbled into the Boston store in the first place. (Prior I got my fix at designer department stores.)

In 2016, the global contemporary brand cut the ribbon on a new outpost on Newbury Street in our wonderful little city of Boston. Last year, I visited the store to talk about the work the brand was doing with my favorite local charity, The Ellie Fund.

Not only did I learn all about the current season’s fashions, as well as the brand’s serendipitous start, but I also fell in love with the amazing team including talented stylist and General Manager, Christy Neves. Christy has become the fashion expert for not only myself but for so many women when in need of wardrobe assistance. She also has assembled a kick-butt team of stylists, like her fab bestie Kyle, who make the shopping experience fun! Their smiling faces and approachable attitudes take the stress out of shopping.

The team has become so popular, they have their own regional Instagram page. If you’re a fashionista, following this hot crew is a fantastic way to stay on top of the latest trends.

Kyle and Christy at Alice + Olivia Newbury Store

Christy adds a little bit of flair with a necktie during our stying session.

So, we’ve established that the Alice + Olivia brand is awesome and the staff at the Boston location is a dream team of adorable stylists whose talent lies in making the customer feel comfortable, unpressured, and finding clothes that fit the individual. Now, we need to discuss the current fashion trends. For spring/summer 2019 the Alice + Olivia collection is fresh and happy.

Stacey Bendet based the latest Alice + Olivia spring/summer collection on classic trends from women around the world. From bold primary prints that might be seen on the Parisian sidewalks to elegant floral designs that might sashay into the English court the flavor of international women is funneled into stylish cuts and fabrics for Alice + Olivia.

Another trend is color and lots of it. Tie-dye is a trend across all brands, as well as neon. The color gives the wearer the freedom to just go with it. We’re thrilled to see the style made it to Alice +Olivia.

I also love the inspiration themes in the form of t-shirts. Like this one as seen on Christy. This speaks to Stacey Bendet’s goal to continue to empower women.

“We rise by lifting others!” What a fantabulous message to send, and one we should all follow!

So, what did Christy and Kyle come up with for my styling session? Pure fashion joy in my eyes! From bright and sunny to sophisticated yet sassy tea party style, I am in love with the entire line up. Here is a sampling of the gorgeous clothes tucked into the Alice + Olivia Boston store.

Karoline Paneled Halter Maxi Dress $595.00




Get in style and head to Alice and Olivia at  166 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

A huge thanks to the Haute Mama, Melissa Lena for understanding the importance of taking photos from a flattering angle. 😉 I love you babe!

The Fab Photographer Melissa Lena

If you’ve never been in the store and you love shopping, you won’t regret visiting this pretty-as-a-picture shop. Not only will Christy and her staff receive you with open arms, but you’ll love sticking your arms (and legs) into every article of clothing. Just taking in the sights of all the decadent materials and varied colors will ignite your fashionista senses sending you into fashion euphoria.

We learned from Christy that anyone could host a shopping event at the store where 20% of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice. With this in-style event, the hostess also gets an outfit valued at $495.00. Cool incentive if you ask us.

The Newbury Street store also offers personal shoppers, as well as a made-to-order service. The company will ship you several outfits, and you simply return what doesn’t float your boat and keep the rest. That makes your next vacation a lot easier!