He has a golden heart, is a team player, and the consummate competitor – Chase Winovich is the type of guy you want on your team. So it’s no wonder New England has fallen in love with the New England Patriot’s rising star. That’s why we were so pumped to interview the Patriot’s defensive end. Patriot fans should expect big things from this guy in the future!

1. We know you play a lot of football. But, when you’re not on the field or training, what hobbies keep you busy? Is there anything you enjoy that your fans might find surprising?

CW– Being at the pinnacle of anything, “free time” is free, but it certainly is not

common. I spend the majority of my time away from practice working on my craft in other complementary ways. This includes yoga, meditation, eating nutritious meals, watching football, but also includes researching and learning about a variety of different topics under the umbrella of self-improvement. 

Another passion of mine is entrepreneurship and business development. I actually somewhat recently co-founded a production and digital strategy company by the name of House 17.

Chad Tough Foundation - Chase Winovich

2. Our hearts are touched by your involvement in the Chad Tough Foundation, which funds research for pediatric brain cancer treatments. What other charities do you support and why?

CW – I’m always looking for new opportunities to use my platform to heal and my light to inspire. Recently, I’ve enjoyed working with Perkins School for the Blind and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but I would say that I am most passionate about supporting kids. Helping the next generation of young athletes get into the right headspace – not just for success in competition, but for success in their lives- is something that I am working to take on.

3. Although your NFL career is still pretty young, have you given any thought to what you will do after? Is there anything else you want to “tackle”?

CW – Honestly, post-career is not something that’s on my mind right now. I was born to be a warrior and can’t imagine doing anything else. At least not for a while!

New England Patriot Chase Winovich
New England Patriot Chase Winovich

4. Are there any moments in your football career that stand out from others? 

CW – One moment I will never forget is during my rookie year when I scored a touchdown against the Giants and hucked the ball into the stratosphere. What a night!

5. We’re in the thick of BBQ season. Do you have any crowd-pleasing specialties or any favorites for the grill?

CW – Two words: Meat and Potatoes!

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