The entrepreneurial spirit is woven into the fabric that makes up America. That’s why we were so proud to see the resolve to be innovative and independent is alive and well in the rising generation. Meet Will Pappendick, a Bowdoin student whose company Beach Dash makes life a little more convenient (and tasty) for Nantucket beachgoers.

1. Your company, Beach Dash, delivers fresh sandwiches to Nantucket Beachgoers, saving them the time and hassle of going into town to pick up lunch and maximizing their time on Nantucket’s gorgeous beaches. How did you come up with such a great idea?

WP: The idea came to me around mid-June of this year when I began thinking about a second business to start. 

I planned to run my car detailing service, EcoWash, trading crypto, and taking a sociology class but wanted to have something else to do during the day. Knowing I’d be in Nantucket, I thought of what the island was missing and realized no delivery service had been able to nail beachside lunch delivery.

2. How did you choose Nantucket as the site for Beach Dash? What is your relationship with this treasured little island?

WP: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on Nantucket in the summertime. Athletic recruiting took me away from the island these past few years, and upon returning, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a beachside lunch delivery service! With everyone eager to enjoy themselves post-COVID, the timing was just right!

3. Have you ever been asked to deliver something other than lunch to the beach? If so, what?

WP: Oh, absolutely! Per request, BeachDash delivers s’mores kits! We’re also in conversation with Fresh and the Town to deliver booze to the beach!

4. Obviously, the beach months on Nantucket are limited. What keeps you busy for the rest of the year?

WP: For the rest of the year, I’m studying at Bowdoin. After being in the same school since kindergarten, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the College. When I’m not studying I love to snowboard, compete with my brothers in anything possible, watch movies, read, and sleep!

5. Where do you see Beach Dash five years from now?

WP: You know, with the vast amount of things to do getting any business off the ground, I try to keep my head in the short-medium term, but I can definitely say I see Beach Dash being Nantucket’s go-to beachside food and booze delivery service for years to come.

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