Last Wine Wednesday we got all mushy with a bottle of new world Oregon Pinot Noir. This week, Post Road Liquors has us kicking it old school style with a bottle of French Pinot Noir – the 2015 Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

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2015 Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir


COST – $24.99

GRAPE – Pinot Noir

COUNTRY – France

REGION – Bourgogne

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – 100% Pinot Noir grape, this wine is sourced from vineyards spread across the Cote de Nuits, Notes de Beaune, and Cotes Chalonnaise. Delicious red berry fruit caresses the palate, with a fresh and lively minerality. The 2015 vintage was spectacular and is a steal at this price. Enjoy with fish, ham, duck, roasted chicken.

TASTING NOTES – A beautiful ruby color. This wine has pleasant, fresh, red-fruit aromas on the nose, which we find again on the palate. It has rich and very ripe substance, with fine round tannins. It’s a very well-structured and pleasing wine.


Did you know it’s not that easy to make a Pinot Noir wine? That’s a little surprising, considering how easy it is to drink! But, the truth is, those Pinot Noir grapes are a tight bunch; literally. They grow in pinecone-shaped clusters hiding under leaves. Maybe they want to stay so close to each other because they all have thin skin. Regardless, those two qualities make them easy targets for a whole lot of issues- bacteria, fungus, parasites, the list continues. Pinot or “pine” grapes give winemakers a run for their money. Even if the vintner diligently trims the canopy, keeps those thin-skinned grapes warm and away from any frost, there are still issues that can happen during the fermentation process. Yet, Pinot Noir is one of the most consumed wines in the world. That’s because it’s awesome, and that’s why winemakers go through all of the trouble to produce Pinot Noir.

Generally, Pinot Noir is easy to drink. All of the diligence and expertise passionately poured into a bottle of Pinot Noir goes down pretty smoothly. Pinot Noirs generally have an excellent berry fruit and a gorgeous ruby color, as you can see in this lovely glass of the 2015 Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

Last week we had a “new word” Pinot Noir, meaning the grapes are not indigenous to the land but at some point were imported. This week, we’re trying an “old world” Pinot Noir from that beautiful land of winemaking – France. These grapes were meant to and have been growing in the Bourgogne region for some time. The winery takes the best Pinot Noir grapes from throughout the region and applies Faiveley Domaine’s experience to create the wine. The result is one that is bright and would be perfect on any table – lunch or dinner.

We had some fun with a few hats and taking the 2015 Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir outside to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather. In their new form, there isn’t any danger for those grapes outdoors now!

But, how we really enjoyed it was with a spicy lamb sausage dish. Just like last week, we had our charcuterie board and the Oregon Pinot Noir. We noticed a peppery finish when pairing the wine with the meat. We enjoyed that same peppery finish in the Pinot Noir this week when enjoying the sausage. Now, maybe it was just the spice in the food, either way, that spice was nice! 😉 We highly recommend pairing our sausage dish with a Pinot Noir.

That’s where the fun is with wine – experimentation! Try different things. Enjoy it outside! Don’t panic about the perfect food pairing. If there’s something you like, go with it! Even though the Pinot Noir grapes are difficult, drinking wine should never be!




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