Thanks to Post Road Liquors in Wayland, this Wine Wednesday we have the perfect wine to soothe your snowbound soul! There’s just something about a sexy-bodied red that has that magical touch. The Wines of Substance Cabernet Sauvignon we sampled this week from Washington State achieves that goal. Still, under $20.00 this wine is per Post Road’s usual – a winning recommendation.

2015 Wines of Substance Cabernet Sauvignon

COST – $19.99

GRAPE – Cabernet Sauvignon

COUNTRY – United States

REGION – Washington State/Columbia Valley

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION –  Approachable Cabernet from Washington State’s Columbia Valley. A medium-bodied red with refined blue fruit, sure to please the cab lover without breaking the bank.

TASTE/NOSE – currant, blackberry, cherry, bell pepper, olive, asparagus, spice, ginger, oak and vanilla/ currant, blackberry, cherry, cedar and cigar box


We all know Cabernet is an elemental part of many dining experiences. So, we were immediately intrigued by the creative label by Wines of Substance, which plays off The Periodic Table of Elements. We had high hopes these vintners would take their wine as seriously as their marketing. They do.

This is a classic Cabernet. Despite being the most widely planted grape, Cabernet is recently new, a lovechild from the chance meeting of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. As a lovechild often does, the grapes have thick skins. This means they are fairly easy to grow, which helped its booming popularity. Besides being hearty, it didn’t hurt that when properly cultivated, Cabernet Sauvignon produces a wine that ages well. Plus, it tastes pretty awesome.

Okay, so back to Wines of Substance. We poured a glass using the Ullo Wine Filter to remove sulfites (and reduce a potential headache). We’re still undecided if this gimmick works.

As we mentioned, this is a classic cab. First a little tartness. dark berries, yet pepper and vanilla, tannins, a little acidity, but a smooth oak finish, even a little earthy. This wine is easy to drink and it’s even better when properly paired. They recommend you let it breathe for a bit. We did notice our second glass rolled more smoothly on our tongue, but we were still hooked on the first sip.

We paired CS with a spicy slow-cooked chicken and hot sausage dish. The wine and the food met, shook hands, and agreed to work together. Boy, did they ever! The spice in the dish really complemented the fruit flavors and toned down the acidity. Seeing as how this wine is “approachable,” you can feel comfortable serving it with any dish with big flavors. We were really impressed. They had us at the label. 😉

Thank you to Post Road Liquors 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for supplying this substantive Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as their expertise!

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