So many trends, so little time. Ladies, we hear you loud and clear. It’s hard to keep up with all the fashion do’s and don’ts- ruffles, wide legs, and what shade of purple?

Sometimes keeping it simple makes more sense.

The majority of one’s apparel should transcend the latest styles so you rarely ever have to cast any piece aside. The blazer is one of those pieces that pulls its weight and keeps your wardrobe balanced. A blazer is sophisticated and flattering in any shade. But, we think everyone should own at least one in navy, black and white.

Since we’re headed into sunnier days and have moved past Memorial Day Weekend, let’s focus on the latter – a crisp and bright white blazer!

Pull a white blazer over your LBD. Pair with khaki shorts and a white tank. Jeans and pretty much any shirt underneath will do. Want to make the white blazer extra sexy? Try it like Miss Turlington, and go bare underneath! The combinations flow well over the horizon. The white blazer will anchor you, so you don’t find yourself adrift in an endless sea of fads.

The White Blazer

Here are a few options, ranging from the low to high end. Oh, and we have a little bonus  – some are on sale!

Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne Double Cotton Blazer $32.99

Good old Lize Claiborne has been around the block a few times. The brand knows what works and what doesn’t. This white blazer is not only simple but also very affordable. You’ll love the look of the tuxedo-style lapel and shorter hem. Keep this jacket in the back of your car at all times! It will tidy up any outfit and keep out the evening chill.


Zara Long Blazer $69.90

Zara had so many white blazer options we had a hard time choosing our favorite! We settled on this longer cut. Why? Sometimes you just need to hide your ASSets. Also, we dug the open front and casual cuffs. At only under $70.00, this piece will earn its keep pretty quickly.

Banana Republic

Petite Long and Lean-Fit Stretch Linen-Cotton Blazer $178.00

For the past 40 years or so, women have been turning to Banana Republic for staple workpieces that transition smoothly from the office to a casual luncheon or even a saucy dinner date. We went with another long jacket for our next pick. But, this time there’s a single button. The linen-cotton blend also makes it more breathable.


MKT Studio Vasoua Jacket $323.00

We’re starting to inch up the dollar point scale with this MKT white blazer. Finished in light and moveable crepe fabric, what we’re really into is the satin tuxedo lapel. On the model, we see it dressed down for a hip feel. Personally, we’d throw it over a lacy cami and pair it with light-colored ripped skinny jeans and a stiletto sandal.


Veronica Beard

VERONICA BEARD Schoolboy Jacket $595

Veronica Beard has become somewhat of the blazer master. The brand is known for their tailored cuts, fun fabrics, hip details, and attachable “dickies.” It wasn’t just the turned up prepster collar that caught our eye on this sweet little jacket. The silver button was a nice deviation from the usual white, gold-tone, or tortoiseshell buttons. At $595.00, we expect these fun little details.

Alexander McQueen

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN One Button Classic Blazer $1,995

Wow, $2K for a blazer? Must be one hell of a blazer. Actually, it is. The fashion house of Alexander McQueen does pretty much everything right. Padded shoulders, extra fine virgin wool, and a super-tailored waist. This is the Cadillac of white blazers. Better start saving ladies!

Do you have a favorite white blazer? Share in the comments section!