Since that first “shot heard round the world” was fired 242 years ago in Lexington, MA men and women have been fighting for our freedom. And, for just about a hundred years, we’ve officially been honoring those brave people on November 11th.

We may have different political beliefs, Kim is conservative and Jess liberal, but we both easily agree on the importance of appreciating all that our veterans have done for our country.

On this Veteran’s Day, we’re naming just a few of the reasons why we honor the men and women that have served our great nation.

Veterans Day Tribute

Veterans, Thank You For…

Providing Humanitarian Aid

Our military personnel is representative of our country. They distribute humanitarian aid across the world, especially in areas of conflict. Our troops are trained in disaster relief, an extreme challenge in areas of conflict where transportation is difficult. Our soldiers do angel work.

Being Role Models

Our veterans were and are role models, they are strong, selfless, and brave. They sacrifice careers and family life to serve and protect us. Their bravery and respect for our country are inspiring. They love our country day in and day out regardless of its problems; they take their job seriously. They honor the past and protect the future and so should we. We could all benefit from the mindset of a Veteran.

Providing Protection

Kim’s grandmother was a child during World War II. Her home in Filetto, Italy was bombed by the Germans. To survive, her family fled and took shelter in a foxhole with the allied soldiers. They lived in fear while their town was under attack, but lived because of the protection and bravery of the troops.

US forces work tirelessly to protect our country so that we would never have to experience the horrors of war that Kim’s grandmother and our and your other relatives endured.

The Support and Sacrifice Your Own Families Made So You Could Serve

Veterans are someone’s brother, sister, mother, father, daughter, and son. When he/she served, their families lost precious time with that person. To be a military family also takes strength and bravery. Spouses forgo anniversary celebrations, children write letters, sacrifices are made on so many different levels, and for this, we are humbled and indebted.

Helping To Eliminate The Draft

Because of the numbers of brave men and women who step up and volunteer their lives for our country, we have not had to have a draft since 1973. As moms of a total of six children, we are grateful that military service is a choice. An honorable choice of course!

Being Selfless

People who have served in the military risk sacrificing their lives every day. They gave up the comforts we take for granted. They didn’t get to sleep in, they couldn’t go to see their children in the school play or all of their sporting events, many ended up giving the ultimate sacrifice. Their selflessness is hard to comprehend and we will always make sure to stop and honor a Veteran, today and every day!

Protecting The First Amendment And All Of The Other Freedoms We Enjoy

If it weren’t for those men and women who over two centuries ago fought on the grounds of our very own state to create this great country, we might never have the freedom to write these words. We might never have the right to vocalize our differences. Yes, right now, the people of America are in disagreement about many things. This is nothing new. But, isn’t it wonderful that we have that freedom to disagree. Like our veterans who served, let’s do it with a sense of responsibility and decorum. We owe at least that to them.

Love, Kim & Jess

Photos are from the 2017 Battle of the Red Horse Tavern Reenactment, in Sudbury, MA at the Historic Wayside Inn. The battle fought for a key point on Boston Post Road. 

Veterans Day was first celebrated as Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, to commemorate the ending of World War I, which formally ended the 11th hour, on the 11tdh day of the 11th month in 1918. 

There were then a few iterations of the name and ways America celebrated honoring our Veterans. In 1954, President Eisenhower officially changed the name to Veterans Day, and since then it has been formally observed on November 11th with a tribute at 11 am.