If you want to see some real magic this holiday season, head to the Wang Theatre. That’s where you’ll find Cirque du Soleil sprinkling magic all over ping pong balls, gigantic Hoola hoops, and luggage carts, to name a few of the ordinary things that become extraordinary in the holiday stunner, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

If you’ve ever seen a Cirque du Soleil show, you know about the jaw-dropping performances that make you catch your breath, hold it, and then let it go with the biggest exclamation. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas delivers that edge-of-the-seat performance you’ve come to expect from the Canadian-based troop.

I attended the November 30th show with my 11-year-old son Vincent, an energetic boy who loves to break dance, play sports, and chat with folks on the street. So this show was right up his alley, engaging him from the moment we took our seats. 

Waiting for the show to begin!

Pulling inspiration from the lines of the beloved poem of the same name, the show follows Isabella, a young girl who has become detached from the magic of Christmas. That is until Christmas Eve, when a cast of characters pulls her into a secret world, reintroducing her to the wonder of the holiday.

And boy, the wonders she sees! From a woman doing aerial acrobatics while suspended by her hair (yes, her hair, as in her ponytail) to a roller skating duo moving 30 miles per hour, tethered together, on roughly only 100 square feet, the show is exhilarating!

I first fell in love with Cirque du Soleil after seeing Kooza on a spontaneous trip to Vegas in 2004. After that, I was sure to collect as many cirque experiences as possible!

The Canadian-based troop does a fantastic job blending circus acts (minus the animals) with theatrics, held together by a little bit of humor and mischief. When you see someone doing death-defying stunts two stories in the air, you cannot help but be mystified!

Aerial Lamp 2 – credit Kyle Flubacker, MSG Entertainment.jpg

Despite all of the incredible acts, the best part of the show wasn’t on the stage, but rather sitting right beside me. Seeing the excitement on Vincent’s face and his exclamations of amazement put a gigantic smile in my heart. I can tell he’s now also on a path to collecting Cirque du Soleil experiences.

Between the costumes, the stunts, the music, and engaging with other audience members in the joy of the show, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is a delightful holiday performance that everyone in the family will enjoy.

The show runs through December 11th. Don’t miss out! Trust me; you’ll want to go back again!

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – By Cirque du Soleil
Dinner at Contessa before “Twas the Night Before Christmas

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