Now that Rick Grimes is once again cleanly shaven (minus the zombie guts covering his face in the season finale), I have one more reason to love the Walking Dead. Honestly, it really is one of the best shows, ever.
Rick GrimesCertainly not everyone agrees with me. When I say I like the Walking Dead, I get one of two reactions. The person either has a wide-eyed smile that says, “We need to high-five each other right now!”  Or he/she slowly backs out of the room saying in a soothing tone, “Yes, some people really like that show.”, and then they quickly dart away.

I get it though. I never thought I would be so passionate about a TV show overrun with zombies. I don’t really even know why I started watching it. I usually despise gore. I guess there was a marathon on a few years ago, I watched the pilot, and was sucked into the story line. I had to fast-forward or cover my eyes during that marathon TV binge. But, over the five seasons, I have been desensitized and now I never turn away during the zombie scenes. (Okay, I might still grimace.)

So, why is such a disgusting show such a hit? Human dynamics are fascinating. It’s the basis of so many shows, movies, and books. We love to see how different personalities engage in a given situation. I think there is also an underlying fear/curiosity in all of us of what would happen during an apocalypse. How would we survive? Would it turn into Lord of the Flies, or wowalk Dead 2uld a stronger civilization grow and prevail?  Would the apes take over?

In the Walking Dead, we see human dynamics at its best. The evil within all of us has a way of bubbling to the top of the pressure cooker that is Armageddon. (And we’re talking about evil alive people, not the zombies.) But, what is even more
amazing, is the web of caring, trust, and friendships that forms out of the hardship.  This is what makes society is unbreakable. It is how good triumphs over evil. Rick and his group are from all different backgrounds, but they recognize they have one thing in common- they are all people. And if there’s one requirement for civilization to thrive, it is to get eachothers’ backs. So, I when I watch the Walking Dead, I don’t see a gory sci-fi, I see a beautiful story about how people of all colors, faiths, and social-economic classes come together as a family and help each other survive in a time of need. That’s how human dynamics should always be.




Walking Dead Cast in Forest



And that’s why I cannot get enough of this show, and it is also why I will be tapping my fingers eagerly until Season Six airs next fall- major ugh!

Jess 🙂