What is it about the Boston Marathon that yanks tears from our eyes as the elites and regulars alike cross the finish line? There are many other important, and more challenging races. New York and London are biggies. Some runners trek the 26.2 miles through desert races and others through a mountainous forest. Why do we think our Yankee race is so special?

Even before the unspeakable tragedy of the 2013 marathon created a live current of strength and pride to electrify runners and crowds to persevere through the horrific memory, the oldest marathon in the US already elicited emotional responses from Bostonians. Maybe it is simply the awe and respect for the triumphs of human stamina and determination. Maybe it is the loving gesture of opening the streets of our city and towns to the people of the world. Or maybe it is a beautiful combination of all of the above that touches our hearts.

Running is a powerful means of inspiration, for runners and spectators. Anyone who has run knows the mental (not just physical) transformations that occur from the primal action. No matter what the reason (and please don’t blame the Sam Adams and vino) the emotions of Marathon Monday always sneak up on us (at least for me).

We New Englanders are protective and emotionally tied to our traditions. As tough as we are, we’re also a bunch of softies when we see our fellow brothers and sisters accomplishing their personal goals or triumphing over any challenge. That’s what it basically boils down to. Part of being strong, Boston Strong, is having the capacity to appreciate the special moments that make being human so amazing. Because really, without love, there’s no reason to be strong.

This picture says it all! Keep on Moving!

Jess 🙂