Looking to throw a party? Boy, do I have a great reason for you! In one week, New Englanders will be cheering for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl for a potentially record-setting 5th win!

If you’re a football fan or not, we can all agree Super Bowl LI is a great to excuse to throw a party! Besides a hopeful historic win, here are some tips to help your party stand out in the memory of your guests.


Can’t get to Houston? Well, then bring the field to your own house! A good place to set up the buffet is on the dining room table. A quick and fun way to establish the theme of your party is with an AstroTurf Runner. Head down to your local home improvement store and they’ll be more than happy to cut it for you.

Typically, you’ll want your runner to measure about 1/3 of the width of your table and to hang about six inches on both sides. An inexpensive product, this simple decoration sets a fun tone for your football-themed party!

Use any extra AstroTurf to line serving trays. I made drink coasters, which are not only adorable and functional, but also very easy to make. Simply trace the bottom of a coffee cup and cut out the circular shape. Throw those around the house for another fun touch!


I love printables! I know I’m constantly praising the the value of these simple party decorations, but they are yet another creative and inexpensive way to customize your event. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Download the design.
  2. Print it on a color printer.
  3. Cut out the label.
  4. Glue the label around water bottles.
  5. Voila! You have fun, themed, custom water bottles!

Search Etsy for many cool and unique designs!

Penalty Flag Napkins

We always see those yellow penalty flags being thrown onto the field during the game. So, we took some yellow paper napkins and tied them with a yellow string. Now, our buffet is stacked with these cute little flags. Feel free to throw one down upon hearing a bad joke or for any other party-goer’s offense. 😉

Raise Your Glass and Your Number

We all know those cute little charms we dangle from our wine glasses at a get together; they are functional and adorable. But, at a Super Bowl party the main drink is beer. So, we’ve come up with a little twist on those wine charms, in the form of felt number stickers.

Yes, some folks will drink from the bottle. But, for your guests who prefer a nice pint glass (or red solo cup) they can pick their favorite players number and stick it right on the glass. We’re guessing most New Englanders will don #12 on their cups!


Football Utensil Caddy

This is such a fun and simple trick! Grab a couple of plain terracotta pots, which you find can at any craft, home improvement, or gardening store. While you’re out, also pick up some white puffy paint.

Use that fun product, that takes you back to being a kid, to draw one line down the side of the pot. Add five or six cross lines and you then have the laces of a football! Feel free to make multiple footballs for utensils, straws, or anything else that might need a holder. The finished product looks great and is a great detail item for your party.


Koozies are sort of a staple at sporting events. But, another way to keep your bottle or can of beer cool and your hand warm is using wrist sweatbands in your team colors. Amazon has a wide variety of “wrist bands turned koozies” from which you can choose!


With all the dips, pizzas, and submarine sandwiches that are the usual standards for a Super Bowl party, I always need a little sweet treat to celebrate our victory! I especially love themed cupcakes! Many bakeries and even some local grocery store bakeries will do the work for you. I always think themed cupcakes are nice way to round out a Super Bowl display and close the party. I love these great little treats from Sweet Cupcakes in Boston- www.sweetcupcakes.com.

No matter where you are on Super Bowl Sunday, just be sure to cheer on the Patriots! This is our year New Englanders!

Go team go!

Amy Kimball


Amy Kimball