Wow, what fun we had last night at the “Make a Statement!” event! Watching celebrated Bostonians strut their stuff in duds from Bloomingdales, and of course we loved seeing the gorgeous Ms Fits on the catwalk! Free flowing Whispering Angel, ballerinas, Chloe bags- oh my!

All that lovely rosé almost made us forget why we were there; to help raise money for the Big Sister Association of Boston.

If you were lucky enough to have had a strong female role model when you were a young girl, than you know how important it is to have someone to teach you to respect and love yourself, that kindness and honesty are two character traits one cannot be without, and my favorite- any job worth doing is worth doing well.

And if you were not lucky enough to have a female role model, well, then even more you know how important the Big Sister Association is to so many young girls growing up in Boston.

Consider making a donation to an organization which is important to the future of Boston’s communities, by helping to grow strong young women. And maybe you might even consider going a step further and look into being a big sister. By opening up and sharing the values you were taught when you were young, by being a guide and friend to a young lady, you might open a piece of your own heart you didn’t know existed.

Check it out-

Jess 🙂



At the event, we caught up with one of our favorite Boston bloggers-!