Gift giving – pretty simple, right? Find a sweater on sale, or better yet a gift card, and then just throw it into a gift bag you found in a kitchen drawer. Who cares if the edges of the bag are worn, you’re recycling! Top it off with some crumpled tissue paper, and Voila! Easy! Yes, it might be easy. But, what many of us are forgetting is that giving a gift should have meaning, and not be just some perfunctory act. Giving a gift should require thought and style; it should be an art form.

For over 50 years, The Studio of Duxbury, has been a steward of this philosophy. Owners and staff have known that a precious cadeau has the ability to convey how well you know the recipient. A well-chosen gift says that you took time and put effort into the action. It wasn’t a mechanical act or an obligation, it was an act of gratitude, care, and/or love.


Note the maps above the mantle. A perfect example of a thoughtful gift. Great for a hostess, thank-you, or Groomsman
 artiplaq can reproduce any map along the Eastern seaboard and then laminate and board mount. A beautiful gift that shows thoughtfulness.

The Studio met its first customers in 1955. But, back then, customers entered the storefront to have their portrait taken. The Studio was born as a picture studio. But, it didn’t take long for the owner’s wife to see an opportunity for business expansion via diversification. She started to hold trunk shows, and before they knew it, the portrait studio had become a gift shop.


After a couple of decades, the couple sold to the Stantons, who at the time worked together at Filiene’s. Familiar with many well-known brands and the skill of managing gift registries, the Stantons, took The Studio’s gift shop status to new heights, bringing in those high-end brands, plus local artists. Throughout the half century of the Studio’s existence, the shop became a premier location for bridal registries on the South Shore. With brands like Simon Pearce, Wedgewood, Nambe, and Mariposa, it’s no wonder brides-to-be relinquish their registry worries and let The Studio staff guide them to beautiful pieces that will last a life time.


Stunning nautical themed pieces by Mariposa

Well, just like the Stantons did, in 1981, a new shop keep has purchased the store and is bringing with her some fresh air and the perspective of her generation. Lauren Matera Balsbaugh, a Weston native and Duxbury transplant is thrilled to be the new guardian of the art of gift giving at 25 Depot Street in Duxbury Mass. She’s always admired the store, and the obvious love and care the owner’s had for the product and for the community. She’s simply thrilled to be participating in the history of The Studio.


Part of being the curator of the fine gifts found at The Studio, Lauren has expanded upon existing product lines, and brought in unique new vendors, like Lafco Candles, Spartina Jewelry, gorgeous new baby products, and the stunning Veitri, as seen in the following picture:


She’s also recognized the value of maintaining the partnership with unique and smaller producers such as, Mussles and More. We love this dishwasher AND microwave safe line of dinnerware, and the beautiful love story behind the product.


Part of maintaining the reputation of the studio, is understanding the gift-giving experience is literally topped with a bow, and a handmade one at that. The Studio always offers free gift-wrapping, this is the crown jewel on the present. Here’s where we feel the need to get a little fresh. For the past two decades it seems, we walk into wedding showers or an engagement party with a big white box with a black bow. We’ll leave out the name, but we’re pretty sure you know to what company we’re referring. They try to sell it as simplification, we know it’s brand marketing done very cheaply. But, in reality, it lacks pizazz. Where’s the omph? Where’s the TLC? Would you go to that same party in your sweatpants, a day old bun, and no make-up and bill yourself as being “simply-stated.” We hope not, and if you do, well, than let’s have a chat. The fact is, beautiful gift-wrapping is an art, and The Studio recognizes this important component, right down to what the present looks like inside the box, once the recipient removes the top.



Some bows are handmade, and some are cranked out with this antique bow-machine.

Besides the gorgeous housewares, The Studio also sells beautiful handmade jewelry, like these special pieces made from piano strings!


Not only does the studio service local registries, but they also ship nationwide. Known for unique and custom gifts, they frequently ship custom gift boxes across the country as thank-you gifts, corporate gifts, and hostess gifts. Be sure to visit or even give them a call today, so they may help you choose the perfect present!

Don’t forget- think local! Support local business for a healthy community!!!!

Love, Jess & Kim 🙂

Enjoy the gallery! We hope you get some great gift ideas!


Custom Engraved gifts add a special touch. IMG_1730New baby in town? Call The Studio and they’ll make a darling gift basket filled to perfection.