It happens to the best of us; a day spent counting calories, trying to be lean and then we just end up mean. Before we know it, we’re rifling through cabinets and rummaging through the fridge making the worst possible choices. Hello, mounds of chocolate and cheese. 🙁 Healthy eating foiled by a poorly stocked fridge.

So, what’s the secret to a healthier you? How does one beat the mid-day munchies? Our number one strategy is to ensure we make unhealthy choices. Having high protein and satisfying snacks will make your diet foolproof. So, toss all that processed food that keeps you unsatiated and begging for more, and replace it with these healthy snacks.

The next time Hungry Harry strikes, hand him one of these filling and tasty snacks and those mean old munchies will melt away leaving you with lean motivation.

Hard Boiled Eggs

This one is so simple and when you buy farm fresh eggs, so good! A hard-boiled egg can last in the refrigerator for up to a week. So, feel free to boil seven or even a dozen. When you’re blood sugar drops, grab one or two, peel them, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. If you want to be extra lean, eat just the whites. However, eating the yolk will give you more nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, and thiamin. Additionally, those little yellow balls will help to keep you feeling full.

Boiled Chicken

We understand those two words don’t exactly sound appetizing. But, when properly prepared, not only can boiled chicken be a tasty snack, but it can also be the basis of many meals. Throw it into salads, tacos, or sandwiches; try it plain and pulled chicken becomes a healthy foundation for so many meals and snacks. Here’s a great little trick – heavily salt the water when boiling the chicken. After you shred the chicken, pour a little water over it before you store it in the fridge. This adds flavor and keeps the chicken moist. You can also use the water as a base for a quick soup.

Roasted Vegetables

Raw veggies are great, but personally, I feel the need to dip them into vats of blue cheese or ranch salad dressing. Oops! Slow roasted vegetables allow maximum flavor with little fat. They make for a great little snack. You can also try mixing them into that boiled chicken! Check out our recipe for slow-roasted tomatoes, which become super sweet. I also recently made these roasted red peppers, which I gobbled up plain and also mixed into scrambled egg whites.


High-Protein Yogurt

No fat, 17 grams of protien, and only 120 calories! That is a mega-snack if we’ve ever seen one! Unless you have a dairy allergy, keep these babies well-stocked in your fridge. Siggi’s is one of our favorites. Try the orange/ginger flavor for a little bit of kick. But, maybe plain is your schtick. We enjoy plain as well; only we add a little “superfood” of organic raw honey.