We blame Hans Christen Anderson for our obsession with red shoes. We completely understand why one would risk one’s own footsies for a little bit of pizazz on the feet. Hell, we do it every time we throw on a pair of sky-high, red-heeled soles!

That’s why we’re “kicking off” February with a Valentine’s Day shoe edit that pays homage to stomping in red. Hey, Dorothy’s ruby reds took her all the way home! If you’re stepping into a bar for a hot date, or to meet your best gal for a cocktail, leave a blazing trail with each footstep and let your ruby reds take you home!

Like red lips, red shoes are sexy, daring, and add a much-needed punch of color! Here are a few different styles to help you take Valentine’s Day in stride. (Sorry, you just walked into pun city!)

Red Shoe Edit


We’re taking this shoe edit to the top! These thigh high boots are not only reasonably priced but they also force the eye to take in the entire picture. If you’re on a hot date, you might like the “direction” in which these boots lead.


Jimmy Choo ANOUK Red Suede Pointy Toe Pumps $595.00

Talk about high steppin’! Jimmy Choo takes us to new heights of sexy with these suede and patent leather pencil heels. Just avoid salty foods and take some Tylenol before you wear these babies! You’ll need a lot of extra strength to strut around in these rockstar shoes.

Saint Laurent Freja Patent Sandal with Large Bow $995.00

For those of you who like the flare and have a grand to spare, check out these dramatic Saint Laurent patent leather heels. There is so much we love about these sassy shoes. First, a thin and sexy patent leather ankle strap adds a kinky twist to these already tied-up shoes. Next, the black heel and hard angle connecting the heel to the arch denotes a commitment to exacting every last drop of love… Let’s face it, these are dangerous!

HUNTER Original High Gloss Boot $150.00

Contrast is important, which is why we are following up a pair of sexy-ass heels with a pair of rain boots. Let’s focus people! These Hunter boots are adorable, and in glossy fire engine red, you are sure to leave smoke wherever you go! Wear with a pair of your favorite skinny jeans and these cuties will keep your feet dry and allow you to stomp all over the snow, through February, and well into the spring!

Shoes of Prey – Milazzo -$105.00

We’re never afraid to come up flat. In fact, staying level is a healthy thing! That’s why we’ve included these adorable customizable ballet flats. Choose from a few different shades of red and pink to meet your Valentine’s Day needs. Then, feel free to peruse the site and design your dream shoe!

Steve Madden Carrie $100.00

a Hautie could never be a slouch in these sexy suede boots! Steve Madden steps into high gear with these calf-length, slouch-style boots. We’d love to see you wearing these, a black cashmere sweater, and grey leggings- talk about a smoke show! Woo-hoo!

GOLDEN GOOSE  Superstar Sneakers $515.00

Golden Goose is a hipster brand that has jaunted into the mainstream. Yes, these sneakers are expensive; crazy expensive when considering what a pair of converse could accomplish. However, zoom in a little closer; check out the detail, dig the metallic sheen and low-profile cool. We promise, if you’re a shoe collector and GG isn’t on your radar yet, then you might need to turn in your cool-kicks card.

GIVENCHY  Red Leather Shark Lock 90 knee boot $2200.00

Holy Toledo Batman, superwoman has crossed planes and means business! We can’t adequately explain how hot these boots are, nor can we explain the extravagant price. But, the cost doesn’t really matter – does it? Aren’t you just here to ogle? One thing is for sure, throwing these babies on your gams will cause guys (and gals) to ogle for sure!

Hope you saunter into some love this Valentine’s Day!


The Haute Life