Can you believe there are just a few weeks to Thanksgiving? If you’re hosting, it is probably time to start planning. We turned to party planner extraordinaire, Amy Kimball, of Amy Kimball Events for some great touches for your Thanksgiving feast; including a centerpiece that will show all of your guests exactly what makes you so grateful and a special idea for a wonderful new holiday tradition!


Happy November Everyone!

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and gratitude. Of course, setting a great table helps too! In everything I design for private clients, I like to make sure there are lots of personalized touches to their events. This is definitely true for a holiday like Thanksgiving!

I always suggest putting centerpieces together as a collection, including different colors and texture. I have put together a few fun, personalized, and stylish ideas for your table this year!

Photo-Wrapped Cylinders


Including photos of your guests on the table centerpiece is a wonderful touch! One way I love to create this is with images on vellum. I tend to convert images from color to black and white, but really it’s a personal preference.
To Achieve This Look:
  1. Print the image on vellum paper. TIP: Make sure you are printing the image on 8″ x 10″ paper, so it wraps properly. (If you’re not comfortable printing, places like Kinkos and Staples provide this service to ensure the perfectly printed image.)
  2. Take the printed image and wrap it around a 9″ or 10″ glass cylinder. Simply tape the picture with flat scotch tape, drop in a candle or votive and voila, a gorgeous centerpiece that is meaningful to your family and all the people for whom you are grateful! 🙂



Vegetables as “Flowers”

Thanksgiving is all about the food and the bounty, so why not commemorate these themes within your centerpiece? Plus, the bonus with this centerpiece is you can take care of shopping for it at the same time as your meal shopping! A veggie centerpiece is fun, and a different twist than the usual flowers.
Follow this link for a number of different veggie centerpiece looks to inspire your table:

Gratitude Notes

In my family, every Thanksgiving we always go around the table and say for what we are grateful that year. Why not document our gratitude? These note cards are a really beautiful way of expressing for what you are grateful.

The best part is that they can become part of a tradition. Keep the cards and read them throughout the years. I think it’s a new tradition we’ll be starting this year. 🙂 Try these sites for gorgeous cards:

Kids’ Table

When you have younger children, a kids’ table is a must! I always suggest making the table vibrant and fun. Set crayons at every place setting with Thanksgiving-themed coloring placements and a few other activities to keep them occupied for as long as possible.

Etsy has a few great holiday coloring activity booksand you can buy small packs of Crayons online.
Until next time, have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving holiday! Be sure to enjoy every precious moment; before we know it, Thanksgiving 2018 will only exist in our picture books (and hopefully, new note cards).