Recently, we were lucky enough to watch some anti-aging magic at Dr. Joseph Russo’s Cosmetic Center. This time the magic came in the form of FaceTite, a radiofrequency-assisted liposuction treatment that not only removes fat but tightens the skin as well. If you watched our Mother’s Day Video, then you’ve seen this magic too.

Guessing someone’s age is a dangerous game these days. Botox, fillers, lasers, and high-tech devices are helping women (and men) manipulate the appearance of the aging process. Are they 35 or 55 years old? The best part about today’s anti-aging technology, like FaceTite, is so much of it is non-surgical. Not that long ago, anesthesia, scalpels, stitches, and lengthy O.R. time were the standards in facial aesthetics. Not to mention long recovery periods and tell-tale scars.

Today surgery is becoming as archaic as looking your physical age. FaceTite is a perfect example of the progression toward minimally invasive procedures. This simple and virtually painless procedure replaces the once dreaded lower facelift.

FaceTite eliminates the need for having to “go under.” There aren’t any cuts or removal of skin. Stitches and scars never come into play. Instead, fat is melted, sucked out, and radiofrequency tightens the skin to its more youthful shape. This is a game changer for the plastic surgery industry.

How FaceTite Works

What we observed at Dr. Russo’s was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Before the procedure, patients are given a mild sedative to help them relax. Once the patient is comfortable, the magic begins! Dr. Russo injects a saline solution under the skin. Tiny marks are made along the patient’s face. These are later used for points of entry for the FaceTite device. It’s no worse than getting an IV.

To a layperson, the device looks like some gigantic dental tool. In reality, it is the latest aesthetics technology for reducing skin laxity and melting fat. There are two metal components. One side is a long thin piece of metal that gets inserted into the fat; this is the part that heats up. Parallel to the long metal device is a cylindrical covered component, which runs along the exterior of the skin sending radio frequencies to the internal metal component. This radiofrequency not only melts the fat but causes the skin to contract. The contraction or skin tightening will continue for the next several months. It’s this “tightening” that eliminates any surgical need. Once the tool has been inserted along the entire neck and jawline, the fate is liposuctioned with great ease.

Dr. Joseph Russo Holding the FaceTite Device

Dr. Joseph Russo Performing the FaceTite Procedure

What To Expect From FaceTite

Besides, excellent results, patients can expect swelling for about a week. They will need to wear a head compression for the first 48 hours and should wear it as much as possible for the following couple of weeks to help reduce swelling and improve the results. This can easily be worn at night. These photos were taken of Helen just a few weeks after the procedure. As collagen remodeling continues and the skin continues to contract, her results will improve even further over the next few months.

When we asked Helen about her experience with FaceTite her review was glowing. From the staff to recovery, everything was terrific. She didn’t experience any pain. She had worried the head compression would make her feel uncomfortable, but that wasn’t a big deal either. The follow up from staff was warm and caring, which she felt was an excellent indicator of the quality of service at Dr. Russo’s in general. Helen would eagerly recommend anyone who doesn’t like the way their lower face and neck are aging to talk to Dr. Russo about FaceTite. We enthusiastically concur!

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