We’re changing it up this May!  Check out this nail trend of the Month; It’s time to shimmer ladies!

Want to add some glitter, sparkle or shine to your mani or pedi?  Worried about being able to pull it off (especially if your daughter’s, niece’s, babysitter’s, students’, etc. digits are covered in glitter)? I have a solution to satisfy the glitter-loving little girl in you, and it’s called Chrome. No, I’m not talking about searching in Google’s Chrome browser. I’m talking about metallic nail color!

Chrome nail art has been popular since the holidays, but the trend really seems to be sticking!

OPI recently released Chrome Nail Effects powder that can be applied to regular polish or gel polish for a cool mirror finish in a variety of colors.

The shade I’ve really taken a “shining” to is Mixed Metals. Other colors of this high-shine nail trend include Tin Man Can, Gold Digger, and Bronzed by the Sun. With the warm weather coming, go for a Chrome effect on one, some or all of your nails! Try them over white polish on fingers and even toes!

Hey, we could all use something a little brighter now and then. 😉

Emily May is a licensed manicurist and makeup artist offering in-studio and mobile services in the Sudbury area.

You can find her at 339 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, inside Laurel Grove Home Store. Request appointments online HERE.