As to what mom really wants? How about making her a Mother’s Day cocktail and letting her kick up her feet! This cocktail is sure to make any mom smile. Malfy Originale Gin is not her Grandmother’s Gin; it’s softer and versatile for an array of cocktails. Health-Ade is a tasty Kombucha that adds a few sparkling bubbles to this delicious cocktail. Skip the flowers this year and add the Giffard Rose instead.

These are three simple ingredients sure to please mom. Perfect for breakfast in bed, backyard afternoon lounging cocktail, or pre-dinner.  Remember MOMS love to keep it simple, so don’t make her wait! This is sure to make the man of the house say, ”Of all the gin joints of the world, she walked into mine.” –Casablanca

VITA MIA – A Mother’s Day Cocktail



  1. In a stemmed glass combine all ingredients and stir.
  2. Garnish with your favorite herbs. I’ve used lavender and mint in the photo. It smells simply divine!

Cheers and happy Mother’s Day!

Jean-Marie Manning