If Luxury had a calling card, she (yes she) would undoubtedly include a picture of an exotic automobile on it. But, her biggest challenge would be what car to include. We discovered how big of a task that really is when we visited the latest addition to the Herb Chamber’s Auto Family – Herb Chambers Exotics on Route 20 in Wayland.

Names that epitomize the high life- Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati, Some 15 Million dollars in inventory, all sitting pretty and shined up like beacons for the rich and famous.


Masarati Granturismo

It’s pretty impressive when you consider this hub of exotic cars was born out of the ambition of a copy machine repairman.

Herb Chambers, a Dorchester native and the founding and presiding king of Herb Chambers Automotive, served his country by signing up for the US Navy in 1959. During this time, the fast-learning and ambitious Chambers quickly picked up the skill of fixing electronics, by working on aircraft.

When he got out of the war, it made sense to apply the skills he learned as an aviation electrician. So, he got a job fixing copy machines. But Mr. Chambers, being the remarkable sales and business-minded man we now know him to be, saw an opportunity to work smarter and started selling those copiers, eventually buying the company and building the largest copy machine dealer in the world! He then used his business acquisition skills to buy into his hobby (cars) with a couple of dealerships in Connecticut. And now some 30 or so years later, he has amassed around 50 dealerships, including the only factory authorized Lamborghini Dealership in the Northeast, which is one of the five dealerships housed at Herb Chambers Exotics.


2016 Huracan

If Kelly Blue Book were a human being, it might just be General Manager, Rich Geremia. Although, we didn’t expect KBB to be so suave, yet gracious. One thing is for sure, he knows his car stuff.

Rich led his tour by talking about about these gorgeous Lamborghinis. We came up with one word to describe these speed demons (okay two, but with a hyphen) jaw-dropping. That pretty much encompasses the reaction to the car that is the stuff of which little boys’ (and grown mens’) dreams are made, and certainly these two ladies as well. So, who buys these dream machines? Certainly those who want to be in a very exclusive club. A Lamborghini owner is making a statement, and according to Rich loves to drive. Shifting this speed machine is silky smooth. In fact, the suspension system might as well be Barry White it’s so smooth.


2016 Huracan Spyder

Pictured above is the newly born 2016 Huracan Spyder. (The Spyder indicates this set of hot wheels is convertible).  Just released barely two months ago, call this baby anything but cute. Daring, sexy, bold- that’s quite a newborn. And a fast one too, with a top speed of 202 miles per hour (per Lamborghini). The car prices between $260 K and just a little over $305 K. Painted in Blue Caelum, this is the only car like it in the world! And, if you happen to have some extra coin lying around to buy a Lamborghini, you too can create your own unique set of wheels. Lamborghinis are all custom made and designed to match its owner’s personality. From handbags, to coats, to family crests, the design specs are limited only by one’s imagination.


Anniversary Edition Lamborghini Aventador

Kimberly had a chance to ride in a very rare Lamborghini, 1 of only 100 Aventadors made especially for the Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary. To quote Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman, that baby “corners like it is on rails.” For many, this would be a once in a lifetime ride. The car felt like a live race horse, just waiting for someone to let go of the reigns so it could take off into the sunset. Even though the Aventador is built for speed going from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds with a top speed of 217 MPH, Kim felt surprisingly safe and stable in the seats. (There’s that buttery suspension.) It was definitely a special ride, and one that received that jaw-dropping look from any and all onlookers.

So, how many of these cars skid out of the lot each year? Roughly 50 Lamborghinis are sold at the New England Dealership. And next year, they’ll expect to increase that number when Lamborghini releases an SUV. We imagine it’s for the soccer mom who is always late and has a need for speed! For the time being, the discriminatory soccer mom will have to do with the SUV by Bentley.


Bentley Bentayga

This Bentley Bentayga is pretty special, as right now the car is still being manufactured and won’t be delivered until the end of August. And, this gorgeous car isn’t just for the soccer mom. With a fold-out tailgate seat, dad will love it too. And for the kiddos? Android Tablets are attached to the back of the seat, with a wi-fi hot spot. But, this SUV might be fooling you, as it is really a sports car incognito. You won’t experience any body roll with this SUV. It will handle those off-ramps like it’s sleeker cousins.



Kimberley certainly enjoyed it!

Part of what makes these exotic cars so special, and yes, we realize cost more than some people’s homes, is the attention to detail. The craftsmanship is exquisite, with a what you see is what you get mantra- real teak, real leather, and extra attention to the details. If your fingers have to touch a knob or a lever, they’ll receive tactile feedback from the hand-milled metal. It’s those special details that define the luxury.



While the aesthetics are more than impressive, the engineering is the true marvel. In talking about the sleek design, the style line of the Bentley is the same all the way from the radiator shell to the trunk. Each panel is heat shaped to create an aerospace design, reducing drag and helping to bring top speeds up to 200 mph! We think the curves look pretty damn sexy too.

As we moved through the different showrooms, ogling the genius of these machines, we couldn’t help but be in awe of their beauty. But, we think if luxury was really going to pick a car that is of her essence, it would have to be the Rolls-Royce. After all, they don’t say things are the “Rolls-Royce” of a category without good reason.

Did you know the hood ornament is called, “The Spirit of Ecstay”? Jess was lucky enough to test drive a 2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith, and she honestly was pretty ecstatic about the experience. So, we get  the ornament’s name. How was the ride? You’ll have to keep your eyes open for our upcoming video, and keep watch on Instagram for clips. But, basically, it truly is a magic carpet ride. Who wouldn’t want to drive a car that has stars on the ceiling?

Making up that $15 mil in inventory are cars that range from just below $80 K all the way up to $600,000. To many people, these cars are the ultimate status symbol, and to a few lucky gals and gents, they actually are their mode of transportation. After spending a day at the dealership, learning and actually driving the machines, to us they are no longer just status symbols, but true testaments to refinement and the evolution of the automobile. We may have also stopped and bought some lotto tickets on the way home. 🙂 Haute Life here we come! 😉

A gigantic thanks to the Chambers family for their warm hospitality and allowing us to play among such gorgeous machines. 🙂 Also, a grand high-five to GM, Rich Geremia, for taking time out of his day to talk to us about the cars and let us go out on a couple of rides. We had a blast!

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Lamborghini Controls 20160616_190308 20160616_190950 
Remember to always sneak in a little fun!!! :-)

Love, Jess & Kim