Something is risky because the final result is unknown. But, the potential of that unknown result is so powerful, it’s worth taking the chance. We like to apply this theory to everything in life- even cocktails!

We recently made a jalapeno simple syrup to spice up our end-of-day libation. Now, generally we mix it into a little bit of tequila and perhaps fresh lime juice. But on this Friday, as we prepare for the weekend and the long week ahead of school vacation we wanted something a little extra special. We wanted a saucy Cocktail! And for that we were ready to take a risk!

We already have a nice spicy flavor with our jalapeno syrup. Mixing that smooth heat with a nice Mezcal seemed the obvious choice. Hmmm, but what next?

A quick tour of the kitchen and our wheels started to turn at the sight of fresh ginger. Ginger, smoky Mezcal, sugar, hot jalapeno- with what could we top this cocktail that would be new and exciting to our taste buds?

And then, there it was, so glowing simple, yet just the complexity we craved- Poland Spring seltzer in orange vanilla. Cue the heralding angels!

Oh yeah, now we’re onto something. It’s a risk, but it could potentially be awesome! Ginger, smoky Mezcal, sugar, hot jalapeno, orange and vanilla! This was definitely the special sauce we imagined. Follow this simple saucy cocktail recipe and get ready for the ride!

Saucy Cocktail Recipe


  • 2 ounce Fidencio Mezcal
  • 4 – 5 slices of fresh ginger
  • 2 Tablespoons jalapeno simple syrup (Boil freshly cut jalapeno, cane sugar, and water until the liquid becomes viscous. Remove and chill for future use.)
  • Poland Spring orange vanilla seltzer


  1. Mix jalapeno simple syrup and ginger.
  2. Macerate until ginger is more pulp-like.
  3. Add Mezcal and continue crushing the ginger.
  4. Put ice into a sassy rocks glass.
  5. Add mixture to ice and stir
  6. Top with seltzer and give a very gentle stir.
  7. Get ready for a risky flavor explosion!