Ask A Lot of Question, and Actually, Listen to the Advice

My next home renovation tip is the same advice you most likely heard from your teachers during your entire education, “The only dumb question is the one unasked.”

In my last article, I wrote about listening to your gut during any decorating/renovating project. But, when you listen to your gut comes its counterpart, listening to advice. If I had a penny for every question I asked during this process, I’d be on to my next house project somewhere in Beverly Hills.

My famous phrase as everyone told me was, “Ummm, I have a question,” which was always followed with their response, “Uh oh.”

The number of decisions that I needed to make on a daily basis was absolutely the hardest part of the entire process. Everything from, what color do you want this wall, to where exactly do you want these light switches and to which lights do they belong. The questions never ended; when do you want the appliances delivered, do you want to keep this dumpster or get a smaller one, do you want a chrome finish sink drain for $50 or the solid gold one to match the rest of the bathroom finishes for $375?

With all the barrage of never-ending decisions ignited questions from me.

I don’t frickin’ know where I want the light switch! You’re the professional. you tell me where people typically put a light switch for this feature. Which toilet seat is more comfortable? What are the reviews for this bathtub, ceiling fan, refrigerator, glass? What are your recommendations for the best air conditioning unit? Do you have an opinion on round sink versus a rectangular sink? Why do I have to put that ugly plug right in the middle of my perfectly smooth wall? Oh, because it has to be up to code? It is non-stop and you just have to accept it’s okay.

Any adventure is an adventure because it’s a learning process, and if you’re not asking questions, then you’re not learning. If you’re not learning then you might as well not do it. So go ahead, ask questions! Everyone will be grateful that you care enough about the project to ask for and understand the answers.

This picture was taken the day we moved in when the boys saw the house for the first time.

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