Gifts For The Fitness Lover

We all have that sweat-loving person in our lives… So, what to get them for the holidays? Here are my top five ideas, tried and true, I couldn’t live without!



So cool and seriously stylish – in with the glass, out with the plastic. The bkr bottles ($40.00) are covered with a silicone sleeve for protection and have small mouths for easy drinking. Bottles come in various sizes and the sleeves have different designs. My personal favorite is the pink + spiked one. It screams warrior woman. Pink, but edgy, but still pink!


Dry shampoo ($22.00) is a godsend for those who like to sweat every day but know that washing their hair every single day would be a killlahhh! Hear me out: If my stocking is packed with a couple (or even just ONE) of these Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo, I would be so, so, so happy! It smells soft, clean, and not overpowering. Just a couple of sprays go a long way! And, your hair feels so luxurious. (As if, you were really washing your hair!)


The Carbon38 Takara Leggings ($109.00) are my absolute favorite leggings! High gloss, stretch that won’t wrinkle, leather-like look, and an amazing feel- can you blame me? Please don’t tell my husband that I own three pairs of black Takaras (shhhh!). These are the perfect gift for the woman in your life who is on the go from the gym/studio to errands to date night. Yes, they work for all of those! I pair them with sneakers or high heels and feel like I will conquer the day every time I wear them. Personally, I love the high-waisted version, because it hugs my mommy waist in all the right places.

 Juli is a Carbon38 Ambassador – and you’re welcome to use her 20% off code “Julianasyl50” 


The Manduka Yogitoes Towel ($64.00) goes right on your yoga mat without ever moving or slipping. This is not your average yoga towel! It’s perfect for the regular yoga or hot yoga-loving friend. Yogitoes towel has little silicone nubs that grip the mat in such a way that no matter how you move or sweat, it stays in place. I also love their yoga mat cleaners – big shout out to the Mat Wash Lavender scent with fresh aromatic essential oils. Namaste.


I didn’t know what great headphones were until I tried headphones with optimized sound isolation. Say what? You just need to know one word- BeatsX ($149.95). These are sleek, super light, and compact. If you have a runner friend or someone who likes to listen to music/podcasts while sweating, these could possibly be a life-changing gift! BeatsX are also wireless so they don’t get in the way of winter hats for outside running or any kind of gym equipment. Eight hours of battery life is also a big plus!


Juli Sylvia is a pediatric speech-language pathologist by training, and a wife, and mommy to three young boys. She has a strong passion for a lifestyle that involves eating vegetarian and sweating ( almost! ) every day. Juli loves a good pair of jeans and great shoes, all to add a little bit of edge to her look. She truly believes motherhood solidified her into a kind and never-give-up kind of girl. She’s always on the go, but never sacrifices her style! Follow her as she shares her crazy, hockey-filled life, and sweat & everyday lifestyle on her Instagram @stringbeanmommy.