This week our friends at Post Road Liquors have us waxing romantic with their recommendation of a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir. This beautiful bottle of red got us thinking about love, and it wasn’t just the under twenty price tag…

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Battle Creek Unconditional Pinot Noir

COST – $19.99

GRAPE – 100% Pinot Noir

COUNTRY – Good Ol’ US of A

REGION – Oregon

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – Not a traditional Burgundian style pinot noir from Oregon. More backbone, blackberry, vanilla and a soft, full mouth-feel. Drinks like a silky Russian River

TASTING NOTES – The aromatics are full of blackberry, black cherry, jasmine, and cedar. The entry is dark and brambly and continues the theme of black fruit accompanied by Christmas spices and sweet wood. The wine rounds in the mouth and delivers a full, long finish with velvety tannins and hints of sandalwood.


Words can get me a bit tangled sometimes. I love etymology, adore alliterations, often engage in word battles, and have my grandparents’ dictionary in a stand in my family room (for said battles). Words are manipulatable. They have power. They can be beautiful and ugly; occasionally, at the same time. Mostly, they just tickle my brain.

When I saw the word “unconditional” on this Battle Creek bottle of Pinot Noir, I instantly got hung up. What’s unconditional? There’s a picture of an eagle carrying the unconditional banner on the front of the label. Was some battle fought without any conditions? Why did modern winemaker, Sarah Cabot, choose this name? Unconditional is a pretty heavy word. There had to be some meaning behind it. Yet, I couldn’t find one, which made me obsess more.

When I read the word unconditional without any context, love is the only thing that comes to mind.

Unconditional love is something everyone deserves in life. Hopefully, you received it from your parents. Or maybe you feel it for the first time as a mother or father. And while unconditional love is an entirely different post, I did want to conclude the musing section of Wine Wednesday with a nice quote I remembered.

The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.”

-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

We should all at the very least love ourselves unconditionally. A decent message to come from my interpretation of a wine label. And I swear, I hadn’t even had any wine yet.

So, did I love this Pinot Noir unconditionally? I loved it under these conditions – I enjoyed it peacefully, during a little bit of self-contemplation and antipasti. 😉 Dinner for one and a little bit of self-love makes anything taste great.

Honestly, I did like the Battle Creek Unconditional Pinot Noir, even if I was still hung up on the name. Pinot Noir goes nicely with nutty cheeses, and personally, I really enjoy it with Italian cold cuts. It had been a while since I’ve enjoyed Cacio Di Bosco Tartufo, a mild sheep’s milk cheese, laced with lovely chunks of truffles. So, I put together a little nothing plate and enjoyed my geeky word thoughts about unconditional love.

Pinot Noirs are generally pretty easy to drink, and so is the Battle Creek Unconditional Pinot Noir. What I most enjoyed was the peppery flavor that popped on my tongue after pairing with the soppressata and salami. A bite of cheese, sip, a bit of meat, sip. Perfection! Smooth, soft, and mellow; and then a little kick!

This is what I love unconditionally- discovering new things and enjoying my thoughts. Head over to Post Road Liquors, grab yourself a bottle of Battle Creek Unconditional Pinot Noir and see where your thoughts take you!

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