I like them naked, my nails that is.  And really only because I learned as a teenager that chipped nails was unacceptable.  “Either re-do your nails or take it off, you look like a drug addict.”  Nice.  Actually though, to this day, some of the best beauty advice I’ve ever received. Keep it together.

Anyhow, my manicures chip within two days.  It’s ridiculous.  So, I hear all this chatter about gel manicures; they last, oh my nails are so long, I love them!

But, somewhere in the back there is a chorus of, don’t do it, the up keep is crazy, it ruins your nails, some latent animal instinct will make you bite and peel them off.

Well, I should have listened to the chorus from the Greek Drama, because that is totally what Gel manicures are to me – DRAMA!  I can’t schedule the time perfectly to get them redone. So yes, they end up falling off and ripping half the nail bed with them. My boys gleefully run to me when they find a nail. It’s like some sick Easter egg hunt. After all, they usually are oval, pink, and glittery.  Anyhow, I’ve now sworn them off and am back to the buff.



Kim, what do you think- gel manicures – Haute or naught?

If I could to give my two cents Jess, gel manicures are like selling your soul to the devil. you walk out of that salon with the perfect nails feeling like a million bucks and then two weeks later if you are lucky they lasted that long, you hear the devil  laughing uncontrollably at your frustration and your devastated nails. God made you au natural… stick with the angels I say! 

Pretty nails

What do you mamas think?  Are they a beauty must or a beast of burden?