Doretta GM, Megan McKinnon, Talks About Greek Wines

Doretta Taverna Raw Bar

Sick of your chardonnay? Pinot starting to become plain? Go Greek for a change! We sampled a couple of Greek Wines at Doretta Taverna Raw Bar with the gorgeous and fantastically cool General Manager, Megan McKinnon, and discovered an entire region that deserves major props (and pours). 😉

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Megan, not only is she a smoke show, but she also knows her stuff. Some of you may know her as the Sommelier at the place to be seen on Nantucket, Cru, or possibly from Row 34. No matter where you’ve seen Megan, she’s always on her game and having fun while doing it! It’s no wonder celebrated Chef, Michael Schlow, chose her to run what has become one of Boston’s hottest new dining spots- Doretta. And, it’s about to become hotter this Sunday.

It’s just about that time of year for which Bostonians and foodies alike have been anxiously watching their calendars. Ever since the trees started to put on their autumn dress, and Boston restaurants swept their sidewalks and closed their French doors, we were all eager for the day patio season would reopen and we could all once again enjoy those long lazy weekend brunches. Well, this Sunday at Doretta, that time of the year when Sunday-Funday takes on an entirely new and special meaning will come back to life. And this year, their alfresco brunch is just in time for Greek Easter; seeing as how Doretta is a Greek restaurant and this Sunday is Greek Easter it couldn’t be a more appropriate opener for the patio.

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Part of the appeal of Alfresco dining is feeling as though we’ve shifted our geographic location to a European marketplace, where food, wine, and great conversation take precedence over all else.

We recently spent a day at Doretta. (Remember, learning how to fillet fish and make ceviche? DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THAT POST). And, we attest that if you are looking for that European appeal, go no place else. Inside, there’s a feeling of a sexy Mediterranean market place. The patio, which has great flow in and out of the restaurant, only enhances the feeling of a quick jaunt to Europe for some fresh catch and delicious wine.

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We sampled a red and white with the sophisticated Ms. Megan. First up, the white, because it paired well with the ceviche.


From the Gaia winery, we sampled Assyrtiko. These grapes were born in Santorini, Greece and create a glorious glass of white wine that has an intricate flavor profile including citrus, floral and vanilla notes. Blissful is what we called it.



Part of how this gorgeous wine got to be well, so gorgeous, is that it ferments with the yeasts found naturally on the grapes. So, you might say this wine is one with mother nature. Additionally, the wine is stored in several different types of barrels. And once blended, all of those different flavor characteristics come together to form this complete profile.

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TIP: Megan recommends decanting this wine before serving. But, we suggest letting the folks at Doretta do it for you while you nosh and imbibe on the patio.

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The red varietal we tried was Xinomavro, from the Kir Yianni producer in the Ramnista region. A lot of Greek words if you’ve only studied French or Spanish. But, here is how those words translate; this wine drinks like a Barolo, without the big ticket price. It is a passionate wine that flows like velvet, rippling into your mouth with a soft and mellow vibe that will have you kicking back and enjoying that patio and lamb burger all… day… long…


We hope to see you at Doretta Taverna Raw Bar very soon. Perhaps at their community style island bar enjoying Adrienne Schlow’s gorgeous artwork in the back ground while you suck back an oyster or two. Or hopefully, enjoying the warm sun and a glass of Greek wine on the patio. Either way, Εβίβα! or cheers. 🙂


As always, a gigantic thanks to the staff at Doretta Taverna Raw Bar for their hospitality. Thanks to Jenn McDermott and the Schlow restaurant group for their open arms, and thanks to Megan McKinnon for being awesome (as always).

Thanks to our squad for this round- Sam Sacks and Todd Mazer!


Until next time hauties…

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Love, Kim & Jess