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Hello Domaine Cheveau Saint Veran! Post Road Liquors introduces us to a handsome bottle of Chardonnay from Burgandy. The Domaine Chevaue Saint Veran is a luxurious white Burgandy with lots of different notes; we had just the right dish to enjoy with it! But first, the wine details!

 Domaine Cheveau Saint Veran

COST – $29.99

GRAPE – Chardonnay

COUNTRY – France

REGION – St. Veran, Maconnais, Southern Burgundy

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – White Burgundy that does not see any oak…decadent, silky mouth-feel, refreshing finish, peach and citrus notes. One of my favorite producers for affordable white burgundy. Should be served at cellar temp, not fridge temp. It evolves in the glass as it comes up to room temp. Great with chicken, hate to be cliche.

TASTING NOTES – Very light yellow, subtle aromas of peach and pear, and honeysuckle. Notes of fresh almond, butter and sometimes honey. Dry and round with a minerality.


Ask anyone who really knows me, and they will tell you my go-to white wine is a Chardonnay varietal. I love it! But, there was a time when I thought all Chardonnay came in jugs and was sickeningly sweet. (I didn’t like it then.) The poor Chardonnay grape had suffered from over-growing. It was close to two decades ago when Les Zygomates expanded my palate to Chardonnay at one of their weekly wine tastings. Not only did I find that I liked Chardonnay, but I also discovered the many different notes that can exist in this shape-shifting grape.

Different climates influence the type of fruit flavors. Grapes grown in warmer climates become riper, producing tropical fruit flavors. Cooler climates? Those little Chardonnay grapes can never get as much sugar as their warmer-weather counterparts. And so, those cooler grapes are a bit more tart with green apple and citrus flavors. Besides climate’s effect on the vines, the winemaker makes a significant impact by how they age and ferment the grapes. Either oaked and buttery or naked (steel barrel) and crisp, the point is Chardonnay has many different tunes- and names, from Chablis to white Burgundy to regular old Chardonnay  – and none of them have to involve a jug.

So, what did we think of the Domaine Cheveau Saint Veran?

I took Post Road’s advice and drank the wine at room temperature. Forgive the non-traditional glass, but it is so pretty I was dying to use it! I already admitted to liking Chardonnay, but I drink Californian oaked Chardonnays, which are big and buttery. The Domaine Cheveau Saint Veran offered a refreshing taste, almost slightly effervescent. It was a beautiful departure from my usual glass of butter.

Because I don’t mind cliches one bit, I took Post Road Liquors advice and paired the Domaine Cheveau Saint Veran  with my Spring Chicken Recipe. What a delightful dinner!

The peachy crispness blended perfectly with the fresh herbs. The pairing brought out the fruit flavors in the wine. The finish was nice and mellow, both on my palate and on my mind.

This wine is priced a little more than the usual Post Road recommendations. But here’s a little awesome fact – the liquor store is offering 20% off this wine if you mention The Haute Life’s Wine Wednesday. Cheers to that! Go pick yourself up a bottle and get ready to try a white Burgandy that plays yet one more of the Chardonnay grape’s tunes.

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