Valentine’s Day is just a silly commercial holiday, who needs those fattening chocolates? I don’t want any roses! But jewels? Hmmm, on second thought, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Same for sapphires, opals, and more!

We wanted to take a break from the mundane daily activities and daydream about some of the gorgeous (and lavish) pieces that exist in the land of extravagance. Here are a few by some of our favorite designers. Ladies and gentlemen, get your checkbooks ready!

Judy Geib

Flotsam & Jetsam Bracelet XO

Check out this stunning cuff. It reminds us of our recent trip snorkeling near the Equator. Beautiful fish dotted between a coral reef appear as waves of platinum contained by 18K yellow gold envelop opals and diamonds. The price to wear Judy Geib’s handcrafted Flotsam and Jetsam bracelet – oh, just around $55K. Don’t expect this from any Tinder date! But, hey, it’s made in Brooklyn!

Katherine Jetter

$ 56,000

Australian native and Nantucket cutie, Katherine Jetter, definitely has us seeing stars with her gorgeous grey star sapphire ring. The designer is a master at creating unique pieces that feature unusual and mesmerizing stones, like this 61.91 ct Burmese Blue Grey Star Sapphire. The jewel is a knockout on its own. But, imagination realized comes at a price. We’re now wishing on a star someone will buy this $56,000 ring and send it our way!

Shreve, Crump, & Low

Shreve, Crump, & Low
60.66 Carats Oval Blue Sapphires with 4.57 CT Pink Diamond Bracelet

Estimate $450,000

What gal wouldn’t want to stroll around in the vault at famed Shreve, Crump, & Low. Items like this 60.66 blue sapphire bracelet might catch your eye. Go ahead, feel free to make an offer, just be prepared to hover around $450,000.


Royale 18K White Gold, Ruby, And Diamond Ring

Ruby red is the color of love! This Valentine’s Day why not wear a ring that is enveloped with 50 of those love stones! Yes, this Saboo ring is $70,000, but honestly, you can’t put a price on love!


Limelight 18k White Gold Diamond Bracelet Watch

Time is so precious! So, why not drape it in diamonds, around 12 carats to be exact! And it’s not just the face fo this Piaget watch that is encircled by the glass-cutters, a wide bracelet strap peppered with bezel-set diamonds turns this watch into a diamond cuff that will catch anyone’s eye!

Sanjay Kasliwal

Sanjay Kasliwal
One-Of-A-Kind Diamond And Ruby Feather Earrings

“Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.” These might not be yellow, and they’re not real feathers, but we think any girl would be thrilled to meringue and cha-cha wearing these babies! Almost 17ct of diamonds and 11ct of rubies, Indian designer Sanjay Kasliwal has us drooling over this one of a kind pair of earrings. Only $30K, sigh…


Antifer 18kt rose gold ring with white diamonds
$ 27,500

Forget the roses, give me rose gold! This Repossi stacked ring does not only sparkle from the rich rose gold, but also from three carats of diamonds that are scattered across each stack and on the sides. Check out the side view of this spectacular ring!