Well, hello Saturday night! We’ve really missed you; good thing we were prepared for your arrival. Especially, since we’ve been sort of thinking of you as the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season. So, in your honor, we’ve prepared a tasty and festive cocktail to send us off into holiday bliss.

To all of our hauties out there- you’ll want to keep this dark and brooding cocktail on hand for either your guests or late night gift-wrapping sessions.  We’ve mixed a lovely blend of crisp and fresh pineapple, vanilla, cherries, and a hint of chocolate. A hearty stout and bitters balance this cocktail so that it isn’t too sweet. Cheers!

Pineapple and Chocolate Covered Cherry Cocktail



  1. Mix 2 ounces pineapple liquor, cherry juice, and chocolate bitters over ice. Shake or stir- depending upon how “dangerous” you are.
  2. Pour into a nice chilled glass. We wanted to feel a little fancy, so we used a crystal cut martini glass.
  3. Put three Luxardo cherries into your fancy glass.
  4. Pour Mikkeller beer over top and enjoy!

Let’s kick off this holiday season right! Cheers!

Love, The Haute Life