In many third-world countries, children must have a uniform to attend school. Because so many cannot afford these uniforms, they are then denied an education. A very sad fact.

Tailored for Education is a Massachusetts-based charity that assists communities not only in obtaining uniforms but also in providing jobs to men and women to make these uniforms. Tailored for Education raises money via donations or by purchasing items like masks, and Vineyard Vines times.

Tailored for Education’s goal is to make sure 30,000 children have uniforms to attend school next year. They have raised $545,000 of the $840,000 needed to make this happen. There are still 10,540 children who need uniforms to get back to school next year!

Tailored for Education

Obviously, this year has been an extra challenging year. Many children in these countries have been out of school since March with little to no learning. If these children do not return to school when they reopen, they most likely never will. The Government of Honduras estimates that ONE million school-aged children will not continue their education. Watch the following video to learn why this cause is so critical at this time.

Tailored for Education

Not only do uniforms ensure that children can attend school, but they also provide crucial employment to the local tailors, give children the confidence they need to engage with their peers and teachers and uniforms keep those children safe from kidnapping, gang recruitment, early marriage, and early childbirth. Learn more about the impact uniforms have from the children themselves.

Please consider supporting Tailored for Education to help ensure that these 30,000 children start 2021 in a uniform on the path to a bright future!

More information about the campaign can be found here.

Tailored for Education
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