Oh, post-holiday season, while we did love being jolly and merry, enjoying a little too much of all of that holiday jingle left us with a little too much jiggle.

Besides abandoning our workouts and healthy eating for a good part of last year, we’re now also freezing off our buns! Luckily, technology is here to help. No, it’s not lipo we’re talking about (at least not yet). 😉 We’re talking about all of the amazing leggings with aptly placed stitching and thick compression fabrics that not only will keep your legs warm in these below freezing temps, but also create the illusion that you were doing lunges down all of those shopping isles.

Check out a few of our favorite butt shaping leggings to keep you warm and lift that derriere!

SPANX Compression Leggings

SPANX Shaping Compression Leggings $98.00

No surprise that the leaders of tummy control shows up on this list first and multiple times.  AT $98.00, these SPANX SHAPING COMPRESSION LEGGINGS are the cheapest butt lift we can find. They’ll also invigorate your tired legs and wick away sweat.


$150.00 LNDR Freefall Leggings

We LOVE these leggings! Sure, $150.00 might be a bit steep, but if you buy them, you will live in them! The LNDR FREEFALL LEGGINGS use a wicking and antimicrobial fabric technology to keep you dry and the germs away from your skin. They also have compression stitching and a nice firm tummy panel.

CW-X Women’s Pro Running Tights

CW-X Women’s Pro Running Tights $82.00

If you’re a runner and you run outside, you need to invest in these leggings. If you’re not a running, go ahead and buy them anyway. For $82.00, the precisely placed paneling on the CW-X Women’s Pro Running Tights will literally make your legs feel stronger. Just be sure to air dry these running motivators, they will shrink!

SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

Here they are again, SPANX brand leggings, only this time in a sassy faux leather. The SPANX Faux Leather Leggings $98.00, come in several Earthy shades we really dig. Perfect for Saturday night or for intimidating everyone with your badass ass in Pilates class. 

ALO Airbrush High Waist Leggings

ALO Airbrush High Waist Leggings $82.00

We have so many wonderful things to say about these leggings, the delicate waxy-like sheen makes them chic. The thick material makes them uber warm. And that tummy control, oh boy, are we in love! The Alo Airbrush High Waist Leggings come in a legging-load of color options. At $82.00, maybe you can pick more than just one.

Croco Skin Booty By Brabants

Croco Skin Raspberry $85.00

Heeelloooo Booty! Okay, we might be biased, because these bootiful leggings are born from the fitness-loving mind of Boston Designer, Kelly Brabants. Known for improving the “rear view,” these Crocko Skin Leggings $85.00 are in a thicker material to protect those gams from mean ol’ man winter!

Spanx Velvet Leggings

Velvet SPANX Leggings $98.00

As our last choice, we’re back to the shapewear pioneers, with SPANX Velvet Leggings $98.00. We’re digging these plush and body curving leggings mainly because they allow us to keep that holiday velvet trend going. Only now, we’ll wear them to the gym. We swear! 😉


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